Easy Emoji Bookmark DIY

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Yes, the bookmark corner demands just keep on coming!! So much so, that I have created a special corner bookmark DIY page, so you can browse all the designs in one place. I love how ONE BASIC craft, can be turned into so many fabulous different themes and ideas to suit all interests!

Today, we have some ever popular Emoji Bookmark DIYs… when I shared these on YouTube, the kids went crazy over them! Woohoo! So pleased to see that they went down well.

And finally, I get to share this emoji craft with you here on Red Ted Art today. Now remember, these emoji corner bookmarks are based on the “basic” bookmark corner origami pattern, but there are a couple of additional steps that you need to watch and follow, so that your final craft doesn’t fall apart! So please do watch the whole video…  I don’t like my readers experiencing any “craft fails” after all!!! Don’t forget that you can also subscribe to my channel and that you can leave me comments on the channel or the blog and let me know what sort of crafts you would like to see more of!!! We also have a great subset Fall Corner Bookmark Designs for you to take a peak at and our Ghost Emoji Bookmark is one of them!

emoji bookmark corner - super simple and fun to make!
First shared in 2016

Since writing this original Emoji Bookmark DIY post.. I have created more Emoji Bookmark Designs – so I have updated this post and added them in JUST FOR YOU! So we now also have a fabulous Ghost Emoji Bookmark perfect for Halloween, as well as a quirky and fun Poop Emoji Bookmark – well.. because you, uhm,  always need a Poop Emoji, uhm, right?! Enjoy!

The ghosts show how very versatile Paper Crafts can be.. and is the perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids!

DIY Emoji Bookmark Corners How To:

How to make an Emoji Corner Bookmark Step By Step:

Start off by making your Basic Origami Corner Bookmark in Yellow Paper:

Creating a square from rectangular paper to make a bookmark corner
  • Take your A5 sheet of paper and fold over one corner to create a triangle.
  • Cut off the excess and rotate your triangle so the long edge is at the bottom and the right angle faces up.
  • Fold the lower right corner up to meet the top right angled corner.
  • Repeat for the left side.
  • Fold these two back open.
  • Flip down ONE of the top sheets and crease.
How to make an Origami Bookmark Corner
Final steps of the Origami Bookmark Corner
  • Now fold the flaps you created back up and tuck INTO your bookmark.
  • Repeat for the other side
  • Congratulations, you have just created your basic Origami Corner Bookmark!

Now turn the Basic Origami Bookmark into an Emoji:

  1. First you will need to make the bookmark into a circle! I used a glass to trace a circle over the corner bookmark. If you look carefully, you will see that the final bookmark is NOT a perfect circle. It has two straight edges along the sides that are folded. Be sure to trace your circle so that these straight edges remain!!
  2. Cut your circle, leaving 2 straight edges. You can glue the bookmark together if you wish, but this shouldn’t be necessary.
  3. Cut out your emoji features. Some you will need to cut and some draw – e.g. I cut out the tears, tongue and hearts in the above and drew most of the mouths and eyes!
  4. Glue into place and finishing touches in black pen!

Aren’t they fabulous? If you like emojis, we have more emoji crafts for you to browse!

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We also have this fabulous GHOST Emoji Bookmark:


As well as Poop Emoji Bookmark!


More Emoji Crafts for Kids:

Fun Emoji Crafts for Kids

As mentioned above, I have not brought these all together on our Bookmark Corner Page – so you can browse all the designs at your leisure!! (Currently we have 20+ designs… but we keep updating and adding more ideas!!)

Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE!