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We have been having LOTS of fun with DIY Paper Toys this year, in particularly our Pokemon Evolution Kaleidoscopes – the neverending paper toy, that is great fun to assemble and play with. We have also had a lot of fun with Emojis this year – in particularly our Emoji Bookmark Corners. So today, I thought I would bring together to of our favourite DIYS and create some Emoji Kaleidoscopes!!! We picked some of our favourite emoji faces, but also created a special set of PARTY EMOJIS!!!! Perfect for New Year’s Eve or a Birthday! What do you think? Will this make a great New Year’s Eve Activity for kids?

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First shared in Dec 2016!

Party Emoji Kaleidoscope Materials:

  • Your free printables (click on the links below)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

We have THREE Free Emoji Kaleidoscopes for you to play with, the generic emoji kaleidoscope, the party emoji kaleidoscope for New Year’s Eve and the Birthday emoji kaleidoscope! So fun! Enter $0 at check out to get this freebie!

full set of printables

Party Emoji Kaleidoscope How To:

This is one of those crafts that really benefit from watching the how to assemble video – once you have figured out how to make them, they really are quite easy to make. I recommend that you watch the whole of the video – especially the beginning and end for some top tips for securing your emoji Paper Toy! I get a lot of questions from people about how to assemble the toy and they clearly haven’t watch the video!!! Teehee. Don’t be that person!!!

I hope you have lots of fun with your Party Emoji DIYs!! These really are fun to make and a great for a party or a birthday. Make them all year round or on New Year’s Eve!!!


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