Fairy Tale Craft – TP Roll Castle

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Some of you may be aware that we have had LOTS of fun with Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes this year – we made some Goldilock Crafts, Little Red Riding Hood (invented by Pip Squeak), some Humpty Dumpties and 3 little pigs.. then we created a HUGE collection of both Fairy Tale Crafts and Nursery Rhyme Crafts to keep you (us?!) busy and inspired.

I love it when the kids then get crafty at school and bring things home – like this adorable little TP Roll Castle that Red Ted (aged 6yrs) made at school this year. They too “covered” Fairy Tales at school and as part of thise made a set of castles. I loved seeing ALL of the kids’ castles on display together (sadly I couldn’t get a photo of them all), in their pinks, reds, greys, silvers, browns and blues. Really lovely.

TP Roll Castle - Fairy Tale Crafts

To make your Fairy Tale Castle, you will need:

  • 3 TP Rolls & 1 Kitchen Towl roll
  • A piece of card as the base
  • Green tissue paper
  • Constructio paper (to add as the windows)
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Gold pens

How to Make your Fairy Tale Castle:

Red Ted (6 yrs) told me how they did it:

1) First they cut a circular disc out of cardboard as a base. They also snipped some squares out of the top of the TP rolls to make the “castle shapes”. Also, make some snips on the BOTTOM of your TP Roll. Bend us up and glue these down onto your base, giving it a nice secure setting.

2) Then they painted their turrets and the base in their chosen colours (in Red Ted’s case – green for the base, grey for the castle).

3) Once dry, they cut and decorated some windows to stick onto the sides and added some glitter as a special effect!

4) Glue on the windows.

5) Then they COVERED the base with PVA (white) glue and stuck on scrunched up pieces of tissue paper as greener.

Let dry. Stand back and admire your TP Roll Castle!

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