Father’s Day Tool Cards for the DIY Dad

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We love homemade Father’s Day Cards and have a fantastic selection of DIY Cards for Dad to suit any personality.. from the nature lover’s Turtle Cards to today’s fantastic Father’s Day Tool Cards for the DIY Dad!

This Father’s Day Craft Idea is a part of our 31 Days of Dad series and is created by the gorgeous La Maison de LouLou!

Father's day tool cards, with great puns for the DIY Dad

I am loving all the DIY Dad Puns:

  • You are the best Dad I ever SAW
  • Dad, you RULE
  • Dad you NAILED it
  • Dad let’s build more memories together

Father’s day tool cards

Material needed for your “Tool Card for Dad”

materials need to make a Father's Day tools card
  • Cardboard
  • Black marker (or paint)
  • Cutter
  • Double side tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Kraft packing paper

How To make your Father’s Day Tool Cards

Draw on your cardboard some tools. Most of them if you look closely are simple geometry shapes: for the hammer you have a long rectangle + rectangle and trapezium. Take the time to look! Then cut all your shapes.

Cut our cardboard tools

You can use your marker to color the way your want your tools. If you want to use paint it is also an option.

how to make tool father's day cards

With your kraft paper wrap the bottom of each of your tool. You can redraw on the wrapping the shape of your tool and…

Write a note for your Dad. You are done.

collection of Father's Day tools with puns
Collection of cardboard tool cards for Father's Day

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