Dress Up Ted Father’s Day Card

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“I love you Bear-y Much” – oh what better way to celebrate Father’s Day with a Dress Up Ted Father’s Day Card?! Right???! A nice easy Printable Father’s Day Craft for you!

The wonderful Barley & Birch who design Ted for us, has now turned him into your very own personalisable Ted for Father’s Day! Love that it is an “interactive” Father’s Day Card too! You can have fun dressing Ted together!

Personalised Father's Day Card collage featuring the Red Ted Art Teddy Bear.

A Dress-Your-Ted Father’s Day Card

Hi there! I’m Amanda from barley & birch, a place where I share art, craft and play DIY’s creative kids and parents can make together. I’m so excited to be back at Red Ted Art to celebrate 31 Days of Dad! 

You might already recognize the star of our post – Ted, the new face of Red Ted Art! As luck would have it, our family has their own Ted – my dad. He’s a teacher, a fan of snappy neckties for special occasions, and loves small meaningful handmade gifts the MOST.

This fun Father’s Day card gives kids an opportunity to color and costume Ted along with dad! Download the free Dress Your Ted printable to create an interactive card for your own beary special pops! Happy Father’s Day dad – this ones for you!

For your Dress Up Ted Card – You’ll Need:

Bear Father's Day Card Printables
  • The Dress Your Ted Printable PDF here (enter $0 at check out)
  • White Card Stock or Printable Sticker Paper
  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • A Glue Stick
  • A Small Square Envelope (or similar)
  • Crayons or Markers to add color
full set of printables

I Love You Bear-Y Much – Father’s Day Card

Bear printables

Download and print the free Dress Your Ted printable pages (enter $0 at check out) you’ll need. Page 1 has everything you’ll need for (1) card, and page 2 has extra Teds (in case you’d like to use ALL the accessories and try out different costume combinations!)

Step 2: Cut out Ted and his accessories.

Step 3: Fold a sheet of construction paper in half width-wise to create a simple card. We trimmed off the excess to make a 5.5 x 5.5 inch square.

Step 4: Glue Ted to the front of your card using a glue stick.

Father's Day Card with envelope for personalised Bear features

Step 5: Open your card up and glue the small envelope to the inside. Fill with Ted accessories and finish by writing a special message for dad!

Write your I Love You Bear-Y Much message for Dad

Now you and dad can dress your Ted together! If you printed your Ted and accessories on sticker paper, you can just peel and stick. If you used cardstock, you can have fun moving around the pieces and creating different outfit combinations. Add color to your dressed-up Ted with crayons, markers or other stickers!

Simple Teddy Bear card with the Red Ted Art mascot
Interactive Father's Day Card - I love you beary much

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