Felt Heart Ornament Craft Keyring – Gifts That Kids Can Make

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We love it when our craft session ends in gifts that kids can make… these adorable little felt heart ornament crafts are just that – turn them into key rings or zipper pulls on your school bags and you have a lovely little gift to give to a relative or a friend. We are craft mad here at Red Ted Art HQ so, crafts that can double up as something useful or as a gift for friends are especially popular (with The Englishman… hehehe less to store!). I also like this little felt heart crafts, as it is again a great way to introduce sewing to kids. It uses the simplest of sewing stitches – the running stitch – and there is actually only a little to sew for each key ring! Perfect. (We have many more great Beginner Sewing Projects here). They are ALSO Part of our Christmas Ornaments DIY post as they look gorgeous on the Christmas Tree!

Gifts Kids Can Make

The felt heart ornaments work great as key rings too! Back to School Craft - cute felt heart ornament

Making your Felt Heart Ornament Craft

Gifts Kids Can Make - Keyrings

Felt Heart Ornament – Materials:

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  • felt in different colours (get some here US/ UK)
  • a heart cookie cutter (or create a paper template) (get some here US/ UK)
  • embroidery thread (get some here US/ UK)
  • ribbon for hanging to the key ring,
  • a key ring,
  • needle,
  • scissors,
  • stuffing,
  • lavender (optional) (get some here US/ UK)

Cookie Cutter Hearts

Felt Heart Craft

1) Use your cookie cutter to draw out the shape of your heart. We used the cookie cutter cut out EXACTLY on the inner heart. On the outer heart, we used the same cookie cutter template, but when cutting, left a 2mm gap.

The kids decided their own colours for the hearts and threads.

Felt Heart Craft for Kids

You will need ONE of the inner heart and  TWO of the out hearts.

2) Place your ribbon in position. If you wish you can add a little glue to the ribbon, to help strengthen and secure it, but the sewing SHOULD be enough.

Felt Heart Gift

3) Using a simple running stitch – sew 3/4 of the way around. The running stitch is the stitch where your needle goes “up and down” along your fabric:



Sewing with kids - make a cute felt heart ornament

Red Ted Sewing – I held the corner to keep it steady.

The kids made theirs at swimming lessons – the sibling was in the pool and the other sewed. As we were at lessons the easiest way for us to manage was for them to sit on my lap whilst they sewed. They were both fiercely independent in their sewing. I had to only remind Red Ted to “go in from the top”, now “go in from the bottom”.

teach your kids to sew


 For Pip Squeak, I helped her by saying “aim the needle for between my fingers” and it helped her get the stitches in the right place.

Felt Heart Lavender

4) When you are 3/4 of the way round, stuff you heart with what ever you have handy. We used some old wool cut offs from a Pom Pom we made, as well as some of the felt left overs…. we also added some lavender. Gorgeous.

I helped them stuff. Red Ted finished off his heart – I only tied up the thread for him. Pip Squeak lost interest after the stuffing, so I finished it for her.

Gifts Kids Can Make keyrings - or use them as felt heart ornaments

Red Ted’s finished by the pool side (taken on smart phone, so photo quality a little low, sorry!)

5) Finish, sewing your running stitch to the end. Secure the thread and cut.

Gifts kids can make - keyring

6) Add to a key ring and done – perfect for keys and book bags…. or even as a little Christmas Ornament! Don’t they all look LOVELY together?!

I think these felt heart ornaments make great gifts for Mother’s Day, for Christmas or for Granny… I also think the children’s best friends may like one their birthday or “just because” as a token of friendship. Check out other sewing projects for kids like these  Easy fabric flower or juggling chooks!

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