Finger Knitting Heart Ornament

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In our house we LOVE LOVE LOVE to finger knit. Finger knitting is a great childhood craft, that can be done any place any time (great for long car journeys too!). Once you get the hang of it, it is really easy to do and there are lot of fun Finger Knitting Projects you can use it for. I also love Finger Knitting, as it helps concentration, pattern recognition and I find it has a calming effect on my kids. Today, we share some simple Finger Knitting Heart Ornaments.

Adore these finger knitted heart ornaments. Cute and easy and a great finger knitting project for kids. Love.
First shared in November 2016

They are easy and quick to make and I think they look really cute. Perfect as DIY Christmas Ornaments, but actually a great Easy Heart Craft for all year round or as a Valentine’s Day Decoration. One cute and easy Kids’ DIY, that you can use or make all year round really!!!!

Finger Knitting Heart Ornament – Materials:

  • Wool (in desired color, but of course red is always nice) – the thicker the wool/ yarn the better
  • A pipe cleaner or piece of wire (I used some red garden wire for our heart ornament)
  • A little bell (optional)
  • Your FINGERS!
Adore these finger knitted heart ornaments. Cute and easy and a great finger knitting project for kids. Love.

Finger Knitting Heart Ornament – How To:

We love finger knitting! But I think finger knitting is best explained via video – yes we can share step by step photos – but trust me, they can be confusing and yet finger knitting IS SO EASY!! Really it is. Once you and the kids get the hang of it, you won’t get enough of it!!

What do you think? Aren’t they cute AND easy?! I do hope you have a go!!! And enjoy making these lovely little hearts! As mentioned before these can be made all year rounds, but I do think they are lovely as DIY Christmas Ornaments or for Valentine’s Day!!!

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