Finger Knitting Snakes

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Are Yarn Crafts for Kids collection continues to grow. You may have seen a number of our Finger Knitting projects these past few months – we created some easy Finger Knitting Butterflies and wonderful Finger Knitting Bunnies recently.

Today, we have some simple looking Finger Knitting Snakes..

BUT.. there is something a little different about them. Yes, we use two colours of wool, to give them that two tone snake skin textured, but we also experimented with something new… as with traditional knitting, we wanted to experiement as if you can “increase” a stitch and “decrease” a stitch when finger knitting.. and what the results would look like.. can you guess.. did our finger knitting experiment work out?? Oh yes it did… the snake’s heads are created in this wonderful technique.

First shared in April 2017

As with traditional finger knitting.. getting your “head around” how to increase and decrease a stitch DOES feel a little tricky at first, but once you have had a go, you will wonder why you haven’t done it before.. now I am wondering what else we can finger knit with out newly found finger knitting technique

Finger Knitting Snakes – Materials

Finger Knitting Snakes - these snakes are so cool and fun to make. Learn about finger knitting with two colours of yarn, as well as our new technique of "increasing" and "decreasing" a stitch. So fun and easy!!

  • 2 Colours of Wool (I like one to be green, but of course any colours go)
  • Googly Eyes and Glue (optional)
  • YOUR FINGERS! (and a little patience to learn the increase/ decrease stitch)

Finger Knitting Snake – How To:

I do think Finger Knitting How Tos lend themselves VERY well to videos.. which is why ta-daaaaa we have yet another How to Finger Knit video for you. Note that we start this project by using the two middle fingers… and then increase the stitches to the index finger and small finger, then decrease down again to the ring and middle finger… watch the video for full instructions.

Totally love these little snakes. I think they are SO CUTE!

My cat things I made them for her.. well I guess they DO make a good cat toy (but maybe exclude the google eyes and use a bit of knotted wool instead.

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