Butterfly Finger Knitting How To

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Today we have a great Butterfly Finger Knitting Project. My kids have really embraced finger knitting. It is easy to teach your kids how to finger knit and is a great “first step” to teaching kids pattern based crafts (e.g. sewing, needle knitting and crochet).

Kids can quickly get the hang of finger knitting it is a great craft for kids.

Finger Knitting Projects - learn to finger knitting AND make these super cute Finger Knitted Butterflies. We love to finger knit in our house and the kids have long learned how to finger knit. Now we are constantly trying to come up with project ideas for finger knitting and what to make with all those "finger knitted sausages"!!!
Frist shared in Jan 2017

The only problem with finger knitting, and French Knitting for that matter, is that you end up with a lot of LONG “sausages”. They make great toy scarves. But your toys only need so many finger knitted scarves, right? I also find, that though my kids are able to finger knit brilliantly now.. they are not that good at sewing things together into more “complex makes”, so the kids and I have taken it upon us to find and create as many different Finger Knitting Projects as possible. You may also love to see these ecclectic and easy butterfly crafts!

We have already created said toy finger knitted scarves.. but we have also made:

But do check out the full list of Finger Knitting Projects!

Anyway. I digress… today we will show you how to make this fabulous Butterfly Finger Knitting Project!

Butterfly Finger Knitting – Materials

  • wool/ yarn in two different colours
  • your fingers
  • pipecleaner (OPTIONAL)

Butterfly Finger Knitting – How To:

The video shared really explains finger knitting well. Finger knitting is something that is very visual to learn, so a video is a great way to share this information. If you know how to finger knit already, do read the written instructions below the video for how to create and assemble your butterfly!

  • You will see that you will need to finger knit 18 rows of the “larger wing colour” and finger knit 14 rows of the smaller wing colour.
  • Then tie each finger knitted strand into a circle. Leaving the excess wool from your finger knitting uncut.
  • Align the two circles. Bringing the knots together to face each other.
  • Knot at this point.
  • You can now either add a pipe cleaner body, or you can use the left over wool ends to create some antennae!

If you have any clever and unique finger knitting project I would LOVE to hear from you!! We are always looking for fun new things that the kids can make themselves!

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Have fun with your Butterfly Finger knitting!

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