How to make a Rose with Foil Wrappers – Thanks A Bunch

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When Cadbury UK asked me to part of their “Roses Thanks A Bunch” campaign, I KNEW I had to get involved…. there is nothing quite like showing you appreciation AND getting crafty at the same time. What better way to say thank you to someone with a rose?! Especially one with a sweet centre? These would be amazing “just because”, but also on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or as a year end Teacher’s Gift!

The campaign is celebrated with a “Pop Up Shop” in central London (do pop into 13 Soho Square until Saturday the 13th for a FREE chocolate rose!!  Open 12pm – 6pm) as well as teaching some of us bloggers how to make a grogeous chocolate wrapper rose!!! Yep.. that is right… using the wrappers from the Cabury’s Roses chocolates, we learnt how to make a rose yesterday. And in the heart of every rose is a sweet chocolate suprise (though the roses are almost too good to take apart).

I asked if I could share the “how to make a Rose” tutorial with you today and they said yes!!! Whoop whoop.

How to make a Rose wit Foil Wrappers – Materials

  • Cadbury’s Roses Wrappers (you can get some here! US/ UK (affiliate links))
  • Foil (you can use kitchen foil double layered, but if you can buy crafting foil, even better!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots (get them here US/ UK (affiliate links))
  • A fake rose stem (if you can’t find these, improvise – maybe use a stiff pipe cleaner or a green paper straw? We used pipe cleaners to make this tissue paper flower bouquet recently!)

How to make a Rose with Foil

To make your foil rose center (including chocolate!)

You will need to cut a circle approx in diameter (like a small side plate). Place your chocolate into the centre and fold in half.

Fold down the edges of the semi circle (a  bit like a cornish pasty).

Then roll in the right side of the foil in a loose roll.

Roll the left side OVER the right. This will form the centre of the rose. It doesn’t look like much YET!

Adding your foil rose petals

Glue your wrappers to your foil in a big “sheet” then cut out the following shapes – 2 small petals, one medium petal and one large one. I have traced them for you so you can download and copy them. 4 petals are plenty.. but if you are tempted why not sneak in another one or two.. teehee.

Begin with your smaller petals. Add two glue dots about an inch from the bottom. Carefully peel the paper off. Place on the side of your foil rose centre (any side) and make sure about half an inch peeps over the bottom edge – you will need this later for the stem.

Add the second small petal OPPOSITE in the same way. Again – two glue dots and place it with half an inch of petal showing at the bottom.

Get your middle sized foil. Add 3 glue dots and place in the space between the smaller petals.

You can start shapping the edges of your petal if you wish!

Time for your last large petal and stem

But four glue dots at a slight diagonal on your last petal. This time wrap it around the remaining space. (roughly starting at the edges of the 3rd petal and going all the way round to meet the other side.

Shape your petals but be careful not to tear your wrapper / paper.

FINALLY – using a COLD Glue gun, insert your stem with glue, and shape the bottom of the petals around you stem. Add a little more glue if you wish.

FINISHED. Doesn’t it look amazing? I think it would be great to add some green leaves using some of the green Cadbury’s Roses chocolates!

Our rose again in front of the wall of thanks in the Soho Square Pop Up Shop!

Such a cheerful space to go and visit!!

After we finished our foil rose how to lesson.. we got the opportunity to also make our own STUNNING bunch of flowers with our chocolate roses as centre pieces. We got expert advice from the lovely Augustus Bloom. As my Cadbury’s Rose wrappers were red and blue, I went for reds and blue in my flower arrangement.

Watch out for the commemorative tins available this Christmas at Tescos. I am off to get one..

A big thank you to the PR hosting this wonderful event!! I had such a fun evening and LOVED learning about how to make a rose with foil wrappers! So cute. The bunch of flowers is stunning.