Easy Fabric Flowers

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We recently did a Flower Crafts Ideas collection – where crafty bloggers get together online and record a short video discusing lots of craft ideas around one topic – FLOWERS!!!  It is a great way for me to connect with fellow crafters, but also bring you a varied set of ideas – as we all have different interest, strengths and skills! For this flower crafts hangout, I created these easy fabric flowers. I would say this fabric flower is a great beginners project for adults or “intermediate” sewing project for kids. Here is another set of simple fabric flowers that are great for younger kids.

Fabric Flower Craft How To
Fabric Scrap Flower

And whilst you are here….. we have an EVEN easier How to Sew a Fabri Flower project here

Easy Fabric Flowers - Sewing Projects for Beginners with kids

Fabric Flowers for Beginners

I had seen these cute upcycled fabric flowers in our local coffee shop probably 6months ago and kept meaning to have a go at making them. Finally the opportunity presented itself. I love that they are made from fabric scraps and I love that each scrap of fabric I have, has a story to tell.

Upcycled Fabric Flowers Materials:

  • 5 pieces of fabric
  • a circula stencil (I used our sellotape to trace)
  • scissors & thread
  • a button
  • optional pieces of felt for the back
  • optional: saftey pin for brooch, pipecleaner as stem in a vase, hairband for hair etc etc

Upcycled Fabric Flower How To:

Watch the video or follow the steps below!

Or follow the written instructions for fabric flowers

1) Choose your fabric. I found that thinner fabric works best, as you will end up with 4 layers per petal. Cut your 5 circles.

2) Fold in half and half again, until you have a quarter of a circle.

3) Sew a running stitch across the CURVED part of your fabric. Pull tight, place a stitch in place to “hold it”.

4) Then with the same thread, start on th next petal – which you have already folded. Until you have done all 5 and secured the last petal onto the first.

5) I decided to add a little felt on the back to “hide” the sewing, but it isn’t strictly necessary.

6) Sew on your button and done!

Now you just have to decide what you would like to do with it. They look lovely in a “vase”, as I saw them in the cafe.. add  a stick or pipecleaners to prop them up. You could wear them as a brooch, add them to a handbag or wear them in your hair. Use them to decorate a present or even as a key ring…… So pretty.

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Easy Fabric Flowers - Sewing Projects for Beginners with kids

Fabric Flowers for Beginners

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