Gift Ideas for Teachers

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I have to say, since my son started school 2 years ago (yikes, is it that long), I am in awe and appreciation of his teachers. So far we have been lucky and he has had amazing teachers and teacher assistants. And I think it is important to show our appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work they do with our kids. Though of course our teachers usually get a “gift card” or similar from the parents, I think it is also important to involve the children in their teacher’s gift. Either as a collaborative class effort or something that they can make. I am conscious of the fact that they may receive up to 30 gifts, and that the gift should therefor be either practical or something that they can “use” or store easily.. afterall, years of teaching will result in a LOT of gifts. So here are some of the things I thought our teachers might enjoy:

12 Wonderful Teacher Appreciation Gifts that Kids can help make.. Gift Ideas for Teachers #teachers #appreciationweek #gifts

Gift Ideas for Teachers kids can make!

Printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas:

Flower Basket Weaving CARDS for Mother’s Day and Teacher’s! (Includes FREE Printable)

Printable Heart Bookmarks to Colour Yourself – and these printable hearts are just GORGEOUS!

Double Sided Flower Bookmarks, to print, colour and add a lovely tassle too

Double Sided CUPCAKE Bookmarks, to print colour and a lovely tassle too!

More Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreication Week

Duct Tape Rose Pens

Older kids or MUM can make some duct tape rose pens (I made some and they went down a TREAT the kids report back, that their teachers use these all the time!!)

You may also like these darling Unicorn DIY Planters

Crayon Rocks Gifts for Kids To Make

Make your teacher a “You Rock!” paper weight gift. The kids will have great fun making these and they are beautiful to decorate the classroom, home or even the garden.


Simple Notepads – love the simplicity and practicality of this idea! Be sure to add some quality pens (who can resist some colourful sharpies or some gold/ silver pens?!) to make it special. Get the kids to decorate the notepad.

Teacher appreciation gift ideas

These are not just pretty flowers, but GIFT CARDS too. What a creative “Gift Card” bouquet to give! Make this a classroom gift – by having each child make one flower – creating a colourful and unique bouquet.


I adore this flower with messages from all the children. Lots more ideas on this site.

teachers gift ideas

Personalised Kid Art notepads – too cute. Love anything that involves a child’s drawing or writing!

teacher appreciation gifts

Pretty Bookmarks – make sure the kids don’t only make, but write a message of thank you on the back!

teacher appreciation gift ideas for kids

I love these totes – they look fab, are practical AND use the kids artwork. Too cute.

teachers gifts

As mentioned before, I do think that chocolates and treats probably do go down well with teachers.. but I would definitely go with quality over quantity… imagine if 30 kids gave chocolate! So, some homemade treats would go down, uhm a treat? Be sure to add a label to say that kids were supervised and “mum helped” – noone wants to find kids’ hairs or dirt from the garden in their food!

teacher appreciation

I love gifts to the teacher that involve the whole class. This photo thank you is simply adorable! We have more kids than this in our class, but I am sure we could come up with an adaptation.

Art Candles - Gifts for Kids to Make

Red Ted took great pleasure in decorating a Christmas candle for his teacher this Christmas gone by. But of course you can do one with a Summer theme or general thank you. I love gifts that you can “use up”.

teacher appreciation gift

Classroom Memory Jar – get each child to write 1-2 notes about their happy memories of the year gone by. I love the thoughtfulness and colourfulness of this simple idea.

Teacher gift ideas (2)

Similarly make a little appreciation notes box – get the kids to decorate a flower (or similar theme) and write notes. Check out more info at Curly Birds.

Teacher gift ideas (1)

Finally – a super practical gift – personalised umbrella!

Looking for more gift ideas? How about a Hamper? We have a set of different hamper ideas to suit the personality of your teacher – be it a special movie hamper, a garden hamper or a relaxation hamper:

Hamper Gift Ideas

And if you are doing GIFT CARDS for your teachers (as we often do), check out these cute Gift Card Holder ideas!