Free Dragon Printable Chocolate Gift

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Ah we do love a fun Chinese New Year gift idea for kids!! A few years ago, I created a Free Dragon Printable Puppet – you guys adore it!! SO I thought.. in what other ways could we use this free printable for Chinese New Year…. how about turning it into a Dragon Printable CHOCOLATE Gift…. kids love chocolate right. Actually, you could use it for all sorts of “dragon gift wrapping“, but a chocolate bar is nice and easy (and tasty!).

Dragon Printable Gifts

To make your Dragon Chocolate Printable Gift:

  • A chocolate bar (of the desired size.. I think a curly wurly would be brilliant)
  • Red Paper
  • Printer Paper
  • Colouring Pens*
  • Tape/ glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Your printable Dragon PDF**

*you could print straight onto coloured paper (yellow or green) if you want to save the “colouring step” and make lots of these!

** note: the Dragon Printable comes in a standard size for puppet making. Adjust your printer settings to reduce the size if you wish. I printed at 70%

How to use the Dragon Printable for Gifts

Watch the video on auto play or follow the instructions below!

Begin by downloading and printing your Free Dragon Puppet Printable! As mentioned, I printed it out size set to 70%. You may have to fiddle with your settings to find the perfect size for YOUR chocolate bar! As all chocolate bars come in different sizes. I reckon a Hershey Bar would need 85% setting.

Free Dragon Printable Coloring

Colour in your Dragons Features!

Note: if you are making a whole bunch of these, you can save time by printing the printable straight onto yellow or green paper – so you don’t have to colour your dragon in!

Cut out the dragon features.

wrap the chocolate

Wrap your chocolate bar in red paper and tape in place.

Now glue your dragon tail, feed and head in place.

Chinese New Year Dragon Printable

Ta-da. You have just created your very first adorable Dragon Chocolate Bar gift for Chinese New Year! Enjoy.

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