DIY Heart Rocks – Ideas & Designs for Valentines Rocks

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DIY Heart Rocks a super easy Heart Craft for kids and tweens (actually for everyone, they are so cute)!!! Who knew that there are SO MANY different ways to create painted heart rocks? I always thought.. a heart rock is a heart rock … but oh no, take one theme… and turn it into twenty different Valentine rocks!!! I hope you feel inspired by some of today’s gorgeous heart rock painting ideas!! They are SOOOO cute!

I think these DIY Heart Rocks make brilliant Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids, AS WELL AS, wonderful Mother’s Day Crafts. Don’t you think?!

Try out these easy Heart Rocks for Valentine's Day! A fabulous collection of DIY Heart Rock Designs and Ideas. So cute and fun. Nature Crafts for Valentine's and Mother's Day #valentines #hearts #rockpainting #bff

Why not combine some of these Heart Rock DIYs, with a lovely book reading activity and check out these Books about Kindness!

What supplies do I need to paint some Valentine’s Rocks?

First you will need some ROCKS! I do think it is best to purchase rocks at the Garden Centre (normally, I all for NOT making unnecessary purchases – but these days, it is considered to be un environmentally friendly to collect rocks from the beach…).

Most people like to use acrylic paint to add a base layer to the rock to then draw on. Definitely stock up on white paint and red paint.. and maybe a little black paint!

Posca pens (a brand of paint pen) or smilar markers are super popular too. Sharpies work, but we do prefer posca pen (like an acyrlic painting pen) or chalk pens can look fabulous too.

People often like to add a lay of mod podge or water proof varnish to the rocks too. Though I find paint pens and acrylic paint weather pretty well and don’t need this.

Why paint Valentine Rocks?

Valentine’s Day Rock Ideas are a lovely gift to classmates. However, they are also great for any “hidden rock” schemes in your neighbourhood – as a random act of kindness and also make lovely Mother’s Day gifts. If your rock is large, they are also fabulous paper weights!

What age group are painting rocks for?

Many people think that rock painting is only for older kids – tweens and teens – as they have the fine motor skills to add lots of details to the rocks! I would don’t think that that is the case.. it is more about selecting the right project for the right age group! For example our Friendship Rocks are soooo cute and yet soooo easy to make. Or similarly or Owl Rocks work for little hands too! The white paint base layer, makes a great canvas to work on!

What if I can’t draw or “do art”?

There are some AMAZING Valentines Rocks out there that really show some artistic work and skill. But don’t worry, again, I believe everyone can create wonderful DIY Heart Rock paintings, without too much “skill”. It is really about picking the right projects for you. Do not be put off by the more artistic rocks out there. Keep it simple and have fun! Rock art doesn’t have to be hard.

DIY Heart Rocks for Valentines, Kindness Activities or Mother’s Day

Painting rocks continues to been a HUGE theme this 2022 (going strong since 2018!).. and it is wonderful to see so many gorgeous and fun ideas coming together in one place.

There are lots of rock hiding and rock finding groups and schemes across the world and I think a painted rock has brought much delight to any child of the 2010s!! With Valentine’s Day and later Mother’s Day coming up.. I thought you may enjoy this wonderful heart rock craft inspiration. Enjoy!!!

Try out these easy Heart Rocks for Valentine's Day! A fabulous collection of DIY Heart Rock Designs and Ideas. So cute and fun. Nature Crafts for Valentine's and Mother's Day #valentines #hearts #rockpainting #bff

From top left to bottom right we have –

  • Mandala Design Heart Rock Craft – Sustain My Craft Habit
  • Pebble Love Bugs are a great friendship gift by The Craft Train – I love the little “felt feathers”. So cute. If you don’t have felt, even coloured card or construction paper would look nice!
  • Make finger print hearts for these Friendship Rocks for Valentine’s Day – Red Ted Art – really gorgeous fingerprint heart rocks that make wonderful keepsakes!
  • Rainbow Heart Rock – Rock Painting 101
  • Doodle Hearts Coloring Page and Heart Rocks Keepsake –
  • You Rock: DIY Pet Valentine Cards – Little Lovables – Love the friendship rock’s card! So cute.

Great Heart Rock Puns for Valentines

I think all of these would make wonderful little classroom gifts! Puns are always popular with kids and make are lovely for children to make for their friends in class. The kids will have much fun with these! A little fun valentine card alternative.

Keeping rock painting simple

  • Strong contrasting colours – keeping it simple with these Painted Heart Rocks – Color Me Katie – these would work lovely as valentine’s fingerprint rock hearts too!
  • Similarly, these You Rock Valentine with Printable use simple and strong colours – Sugar Bee Crafts

Message Stones

Message stones or message rocks are particularly lovely as Random Acts of Kindness or for Mother’s Day and make great keepsakes! Love messages are always sweet for family members.

Other ways to decorate Heart Rocks

Heart Rocks for Younger Children

As mentioned, when working with toddlers or preschoolers it is all about the project you choose. We particularly like these two rock painting ideas for little kids and little hands! They make the perfect friendship rocks too!

Try out these easy Heart Rocks for Valentine's Day! A fabulous collection of DIY Heart Rock Designs and Ideas. So cute and fun. Nature Crafts for Valentine's and Mother's Day #valentines #hearts #rockpainting #bff

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