Frog Headband Printable for Preschoolers

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A super quick and easy Frog Headband Printable – perfect for anyone looking to make a simple frog costume (combine with a green outfit!) or exploring frogs (this printable includes simple frog life cycle drawing prompts) or anyone who simple adores frog crafts for preschoolers!

Simple Frog Headband Printable

To make your Frog Hats you will need:

  • Paper or cardstock of choice (e.g. white for students to add drawings/ wrirings, full color if making this as a quick cutting activity)
  • A pair of child friendly scissors
  • Stapler/ tape or glue stick for final assembly
  • The Printable

I continue to make Red Ted Art Craft Activity as accesible as possible and have provided a free version of this Printable Frog Craft once again. You can get the full color frog as a free printable by enter $0 at check out here. Alternatively, you can get the full set in the Gumroad Store or visit Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s if that works better for you!

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Making this easy Frog Headband:

Making this Frog Headband is incredibly EASY! AS you can see from the printable, you have your basic instructions written on the printable too!

As mentioned, this printable comes in a variety of options – you can either print in full color (time saving) or onto colored card.. or paper. There are also some drawing prompts to encourage our young students to explore the frog life cycle – Eggs, Tadpoles, Froglets and Frogs.

It is a great way to get young children practicing their scissor cutting skills. However they will need a little assitance with fitting the headband to their heads.

How to make your frog crowns:

1. Print onto coloured or white paper

2. Cut out shapes you want to use

3. Tape or staple paper rectangles to make head band and to fit size of child’s head add

4. Decorate with shapes & pens (the black and white printable has some basic drawing prompts for the four frog life cycles: eggs, tadpole, froglet and frog – that can also be used for a frog study unit)


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