Paper Dinosaur Craft with Templates – Fun Preschoolers Ideas

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Let’s make a super cute little paper dinosaur craft, complete with template! This little Cardstock Dinosaur Craft can be made using JUST the template.. or use the bigger template size and combine with some toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes for a bit of recycled fun! A cute little Kids’ Paper Craft to make for Dinosaur lovers!

lets make a cardboard dinosaur

List of Supplies:

  • Colored cardstock or paper
  • Optional: toilet paper rolls and paints for legs
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Child friendly marker pens
  • A pair of scissors

To grab the free dinosaur template simply Enter $0 at check out!

full set of printables

How to make a Dinosaur from light card

cut the dinosaur shapes

Step 1: Cut out the dinosaur shapes

Print and cut out the template patterns. The template includes body base, scales, legs, spots and toe nail patterns. Trace the template patterns on the selected cardstock papers and cut them out nicely. Use a black felt tip pen to draw the eye on the eye base cutout.

If using the larger template: Paint some toilet paper roll in your desired dinosaur colors and let dry!

TOP TIP: if you want the dinosaur to look cute from “both sides”, cut a second eye and body. Make sure they are in reverse, so it can be glued to the other side!

glue one th dinosaur features

Step 2: Glue on the dinosaur toes and spots

Glue the spot cutouts on the body base cutout and glue the toe nail cutouts along a side of the leg cutouts (the square shapes).

add the dinosaur eye and spikes

Step 3: add the dinosaur eyes on spikes

Glue the eye on the head part of the body base and glue the spot cutouts on the body part.

TOP TIP: if you want the dinosaur to look cute from “both sides”, you can now glue the duplicate eye and body to the otherside to “hide” the spike outline.

make the dinosaur legs

Step 4: Nake the dinosaure legs

Take the leg cutouts and roll them into cylinder shapes. Use glue to join the open sides to secure the cylinder shapes. Use a pen or sharpie to draw the mouth and nose of the cardstock dinosaur figure.

If using toilet paper rolls with the larger dinosaur template, cut these down to a desired size

add the legs

Step 5: add the legs

Keeping the toe nails to the front, cut 1 cm slits on 2 opposite sides of the cylinder shapes. We will insert the bottom side of the body pattern through the slits of the cylinder shaped legs to join them.

finished cardboard dinosaur

Step 6: the finished dinosaur

Attach both cylinder shaped legs with the body pattern. Make sure that the bottom ends of the cylinder shaped legs are leveled, so that the cardstock dinosaur can stand on a flat surface.

make more paper dinosaurs
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