Frog Crafts & Activities: Easy And Fun Ideas for Leap Year 2024

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We love frogs!!! And adore all cute and crazy frog ideas for kids. These cute Frog Crafts would a lovely theme for having some fun this Leap Year 2024! To celebrate all things froggy fun, I have create this fantastic collection of Frog Crafts for Kids. These are perfect crafts all year round – whether exploring the Frog Life Cycle in spring.. or adding to some cute Halloween crafting fun.. this is the Frog ideas collection for you!

Easy Frogs for Kids
Adorable Frog Crafts for Kids of all ages!

Is you know anyone that is frog crazy.. be sure to share these fun frog crafts with them today. Or better still.. surprise them with some homemade frogs!

Not only do we have these super duper cute froggy themed crafts, but there are also some lovely educational activities and life cycle ideas. Perfect for any frog themed study unit.

Frog Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Let’s start with the little ones among us and some super cute Frog Crafts for Toddlers, Kindergartners and Preschoolers. As with all crafts for this age group, you are likely to have to help out a little or work on the project together. I think the frog craft ideas in this section would be super cute as part of a Frog Princess Fairy Tale story telling session!

Cute Finger Print and Potato Print Frogs (Card Making or Art Projects)

One simple Potato Print Frog Card, lots of opportunities to decorate it for different celebrations and occasions. Or simply use it as part of a preschooler frog art project… whatever you do, be sure to include this fun Frog DIY Idea!

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

toilet roll frogs

Learn how to make these cute little Toilet Paper Roll Frog! Isn’t he lovely? If you are having a Frog Themed Party, you could wrap some treats into tissue paper and stuff them inside the froggy for a cute litle Frog Party Favour. Also.. if you are looking at the the Princess and Frog.. you can add a little yellow crown decoration to your frog.

Recycled Frog Castanets


Make soem super simple froggy castanets or click clack toys, with this fun recycled musical instrument!

3d Frog Coloring Page

frog coloring page

Or how about this adorable frog coloring page? Isn’t it fun?!

Recycled Frog Croaking Toys

frog craft toys

Similarly Kids Craft Room upcycled two mason jar lids to make these “croaking” Frog Toys. A great squeeze fidget toys for kids of all ages.

Egg Carton Frogs

egg carton frogs

This is a super lovely activity for toddlers from Rainy Day Mum. And the perfect recycled frog craft to go with the 5 Little Speckled Frogs song!

Frog Paper Plate Craft

paper plate frog
Handprint Frog Craft! So sweet!

When it comes to cheerfulness, this paper plate frog from Fireflies and Mud Pies is a winner! I especially love the addition of the handprint frog “feet”. So sweet!

Paper Frog Art Project

paper frog craft

Look how cute Krokotak’s paper frog craft is! So fun. Using basic shapes to make ridiculously cute paper frog art. She even has a printable frog craft template for you to use if you wish!

Paper Bag Frog Puppet

Paper bag frog puppet
Paper bags make great frog puppets!

Paper bag crafts are great for toddlers and preschoolers. They are fun and simple and yet still so cute. They can also double up as simple but super cute Paper Bag Frog Puppets! As I Heart Crafty Things have shown us here. I would definitely add a little paper crown to this one and use it for a retelling of the Frog Princess!

Paper Plate Frog Masks

paper plate frog mask

Oh yes, one Paper Plate Frog Craft really isn’t enough for us!! How fun is this Paper Plate Frog Mask from Kids Craft Room? Just brilliant. A great one for toddlers and preschoolers who love to dress up or are having a nursery school play, based on the classic fairy tale! Certainly one to add to your frog craft activities for sure!

frogs for toddlers

I really wanted to share this one.. eventhough there is no “blog” or “website” associated. This adorable Paper Frog Craft was uploaded by a Kindergarten teacher to Pinterest. I love everything about it. The handprint and footprint froggy lims. The accordion folded paper and of course the cute cute paper frog face (which could easily be made from paper plates too). Just adorable and a perfect frog craft for toddlers and preschoolers/

Educational frog themed ideas & printbles for toddlers & preschoolers

Simple Frog Printables & frog templates

frog printable puppet
Adorable frog printable puppets

Picklebums, has these adorable craft stick puppets for you to print and make. You can use them for story telling, singing 5 little speckled frogs and simple counting activities.

F is for Frog Letter Maze printables

Simple F-maze printable – a great way for young children to practice recognising the Letter F – by Simple Fun For Kids

frog maths game
Printable rainforest themed frog maths game for preschool!

The Preschool Toolbox has a great printable frog maths game.

Teaching 2 and 3yrs olds has this great little frog art printable project – which encourages simple counting to five. So sweet!

frog maths printables
Simple frog maths is fun!

Teach Me Mommy, shares a group counting activity – great groups of frogs and learn to add up or multiply. How many frogs in your frog pond? Which is easy to set up and fun to interact with. Great for both homeschooling preschoolers or for in the classroom.

DIY Frog Life Cycle Rocks

frog life cycle rocks
Frog Life Cycle Rocks are easy to make and so cute!

Or how about this lovely educational tool – Frog Life Cycle Story Stones? Such a fun little idea from Rainy Day Mum! A lovely way to explore the life cycle stages – frogspawn/eggs, tadpole, pollywog and frogs.

Recycled Frog Life Cycle Craft

Still Playing Preschool takes the egg carton frogs one step further,with this wonderful recycled Frog Life Cycle craft activity! I love the addition of pipe cleaner frog legs and the bubble wrap eggs are so clever too!

Frog Life Cycle Printable

frog life cycle

Little Zizzers has this fantastic Frog Craft Activity and printable Frog Life Cycle in one. Hop over now to grab the frog template!

Simple STEAM Frog Activity

steam frog activity

Explore Static Electricity with this cute Jumping Frogs activity from Science Sparks.

More fun with printable frog activities

frog printable

Another fabulous printable – leap frog! How far can your frog jump? Try this fun interactive educational game with J Daniels 4s Mom.

Frog Craft Ideas for Kids of all ages

Paper Frog Origami

crazy jumping frogs
Easy Paper Frog Craft – no printable or templates needed!

You know how much we love all things paper crafting! Learning how to fold origami, shouldn’t be daunting or difficult. So we have picked out these fun Origami Frogs (that jump!)! They are nice and easy to make (yes they are!) and there is much fun to be had. They also make a great STEAM frog activity. Can you make the frogs jump into the pond? Or onto a lily pad?

Mid Air Flying frog, will the frog land in or over the cauldren?
Jumping frogs make a great frog themed party activity!

…e.g. we revisited our origami frogs a little while later and turned them into a frog themed party craft at Halloween!

How to sew a frog

sew a frog pattern

Craft Play Learn has this super cute Frog Pattern to sew – sewing is a wonderful life skill and great to introduce to kids early! Trace our your pattern, cut the shapes and get sewing. Felt has a lovely tactile texture too. I can’t wait to make this frog and give it a squish!

More Egg Carton Frogs

egg carton frog craft
The frog eyes are just too cute! Avoid making foam cup frogs – use recycled materials instead

Want top up the game on the toddler egg carton frogs? Well if you are working with older kids, combine your egg carton frog with other materials such as pipe cleaners and googly eyes and have a go at this frog idea from Crafts by Amanda. Much fun to be had!

Frog Themed Party

Soooo, you are probably feeling fully frog craft inspired by now (well I hope you do!! Else I am really not doing my job properly! Ha). Hopefully, many of the crafts above are suitable as part of a Frog themed party craft and frog themed party decor…

I especially thing the Origami Frogs will make a fun party game.. but you can also string them up on some baker’s twine, hang them in a door way and use them as froggy party decor!

Our little Toilet Paper Roll frogs, could also be used as cute party favour boxes. Wrap some treads in tissue paper and pop them all inside. The tissue paper should stop the treats from slipping out!

Simple Frog Party Hat

frog party hat

Make a frog party hat with Cut out and Keep! So fun! These can be made from green construction paper. Or use this paper plate hat tutorial to make it a paper plate frog hat!

More frog party fun

In addition however, why not try some of these from Purple Patch Party?

frog party ideas

I love the simplicity of the frog themed threads – sugar cookies cut into lily pads, green cake pops with edible eyes and frogs on logs. So clever!

frog themed party

Oh and why not make some frog party blowers? Purple Patch Parties have a free printable for you! So fun!

And that brings me to the end of our frog crafts, ideas and activities for kids. I hope you have found plenty of inspiration today!

Happy making!

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