Gifts Kids Can Make: Kid Art Lamps

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Oh I am so excited to share today’s craft with you!!! It is an idea I spotted in shop for purchase.. and I thought would be fun to recreate in a child friendly way – turning a wineglass into a DIY lamp. The shop one was “all finished” and featured Queen Victoria, but I was convinced we could create our own DIY version from recycled materials. I think this Wine Glass Lamp makes a great Gift That Kids Can Make too! And I show two different versions – both work across the age groups I think! And don’t they look effective?

DIY Wine Glass Lampshade for Kids to Make

Kid Art Lantern Craft - Make Your Own Lampshades sml

Gifts That Kids Can Make – Wine Glass Lamp – Materials:

  • Plastic acetate sheet – we used one from the cover of an old “work presentation”, you can use acetates that people use in schools or clear subject dividers too
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue (we used modge podge)
  • Felt tip pens (depending on what version you make)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (optional)

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NOTE: The template provided assumes that you can print this onto an A4 sheet of paper with NO BORDER. i.e. you need to make the lamp shade as LARGE as possible. If in doubt, print off the template cut it out and check your wine glass to see if it is the right size for you.

It is assumed that the “receiver” of this gift, will provide their own wine glass and candle!

Gifts That Kids Can Make – Wine Glass Lamp – How To:

Making DIY Lampshades

1) Begin by printing off, cutting and tracing our template onto your acetate (you will need a permanent marker for this). For the Eric Carle Lamp, we cut out the acetate AFTER we decorated it.

2) If you are making a “kid art” lampshade – carefully glue on a layer of white tissue paper. SOME white tissue paper dries clear when modge podges, so you may want to add two layers.

Gifts Kids Can Make - Lamp Shade

If you are doing the Eric Carle Lampshade version, cut out lots of different coloured tissue paper squares. Cover the plastic with glue and let the kids carefully place their squares on top. Again, you may want to carefully add a second layer of glue and a second layer of tissue paper. Remember tissue paper scrunches up and tears easily when “wet with glue”, so work gently. You can add a layer of glue on the top to seal it. Then let dry.

Kid Art Gifts

3) If making the kid art lampshade, you can now get the kids to decorate. Don’t make the mistake we made – be sure to have your lampshade the right way up – which means, the BIG CURVE at the bottom and the small one at the top. Pip Squeak’s lampshade ended up as an “upside down picture”!!

Eric Carle Crafts - Lampshade

Wine Glass Lamps

4) Once finished and dry, you can either staple the ends together to create your lampshade, or you can cut some “slots” into the end bits and slot it together (better for posting). We did find the stapling MUCH easier though. The template provide is suitable for your “standard” wine glass. Pop in a candle, add the lampshade and done!

As per usual – sit back and enjoy. We have had several candle lit dinners with the kids since making these!

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