Mini Ghost Pinatas – 5min Paper Cup Craft for Halloween

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Welcome back to this special edition of Poppy Cat HALLOWEEN. Oh yes, Halloween can be a little spooky this time of year, but Poppy Cat and her friends know how to the take the spook out of Halloween and make it fun instead. Halloween is an opportunity to play lots of fun games and get dressed up. So we thought you would enjoy these little Ghost Pinatas. They are super easy to make and lots of fun. (We have lots more DIY Gift Box Ideas for you to browse too). Why not make LOTS of them at a party with your friends and let them all take one home? You can fill them with all sorts of things – edible wriggly worms or plastic spiders or ghost erasers, or simply with some chocolate treats!

This is a great post to show how very versatile Paper Crafts can be.. and is the perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids!

Paper Cup Ghosts - turn them into fun Mini Pinatas for Halloween

Parents: if you are making these for a party, do test your strings before and make sure your Pinatas work! String can come undone, resulting in an unopened Pinata! Alternatively, just hand the ghosts out at the end of the party instead of party bags!

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To make your Paper Cup Ghost Pinatas, you will need (per pinata)

Halloween Ghosts - Mini Pinata Craft Matrials

  • one paper cup (white preferable, but not necessary)
  • some tissue paper (recycle this from some packaging from the shops! Shop paper often comes in A3 size, but you can use two A4 sheets too)
  • some string
  • tape & glue
  • scissors
  • treats to fill your pinata
  • a black pen or black card & googly eyes for decorating

How to Make your Paper Cup Ghost Pinata:

1) If you don’t have a white paper cup, you can first cover your cup with some white paper if you wish!

2) Get your tissue paper, fold it in half, so you end up with two layers of roughly A4 sized tissue (remember, it doesn’t matter if has a little tear in or isn’t a perfect shape – the paper can be square or round and will still look good as a ghost!). Place it on top of your cup and squish it down on the sides. If you want, you can add some glue to the top of your cup and glue it down securely.

Paper Cup Ghost Craft - Pinatas

Paper Cup Crafts - Ghost Pinatas

3) Now, ask a grown up, to make a hole through the paper and the bottom of the cup. They can then thread some string through for you, so you can hang your ghost up later. The string needs to be secured REALLY WELL on the inside – lots of knots and tape, you don’t want it sliding out when you later tug at your pinata!!

Paper Cup Crafts - Mini Ghost Pinatas

4) Now you have you basic Ghost.. turn it around and fill the inside of your cup with your surprise. You will now need a small piece of tissue paper to cover the bottom of your cup. With the help of an adult tape it  down at the sides to secure all your treats inside the cup.

Paper Cup Crafts - Mini Pinata Ghosts

5) Time to attach a piece of string for PULLING!!! We find that the tissue paper is SO STRONG (would you believe it?!), that it won’t always tear, so before your friends have a go at pulling, it can help you make a little cut in the paper to help them!

Ghost Pinata - Made from Paper Cups, so easy

6) Finally, your ghost needs a face!! You can draw it on, or cut out some shapes from black paper or card. We like the card as you can see it better. Cut out eyes and a spooky mouth and glue on.

DIY Ghost MINI Pinatas - such fun

Brilliant. You now have your very own mini Ghost Pinata!!! Have lots of fun.

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