30+ Salt Dough Crafts for Kids

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We have a long standing “love affair” with our easy salt dough recipe, it is something that we come back to over and over again. Many of our salt dough crafts we don’t even “bother” sharing with you here, as they are variations on the same theme or the children simply modeling, exploring and having fun with salt dough.

But now, with Christmas approaching, I thought it would be great to pull together a set of salt dough craft ideas for kids – as for me, salt dough is kind of a “classic Christmas craft” – who hasn’t made salt dough ornaments using cookie cutters in the past? And if you haven’t, it is time you made some!!!

Other salt dough resources

Once again we share a crafty chat video (towards the end of this page!) – all about salt dough- but I also demo, how very quick and easy it is to whip up a batch of salt dough with our classic salt dough recipe.

We also discuss some OTHER salt dough craft ideas – though ornament making is still my very favourite, there are plenty of other things you can make from this super versatile craft material!

Salt dough is also great for the classroom, as it is inexpensive to make and you can air dry it over a few days.

Further Salt Dough Craft Ideas for Kids:

Super Simple Saltdough recipe

To make salt dough, all you need is (though we have an extensive How to make salt dough post – with all the tips and tricks you need to avoid puffing, mould or breakage! Do check that out too)

  • 2 cups of flour,
  • 1 cup of salt and
  • UP to a cup of water.
  • You can also add good quality food colouring to dye your saltdough before drying!

When we say “cup” .. any cup works, so long as you keep the proportions the same.

To dry you salt dough clay

If it is a hot summers day, dry your salt dough out in the sun, turning occassionally. If crafting in Winter, speed up the drying process by heating in the oven at 50C. Remember to turn regularly.

Also, if you are making anything for hanging – i.e. with holes, remember to “re-poke” the holes during drying, to avoid the holes closing up. Salt dough as  tendency to “spread” like cookies and the holes can close.

Our favourite Salt Dough Crafts for Kids

Use coloured salt dough to make easy and bright shell pendants.

How cute is this Sea Glass Turtle? Such a great way to combine recycling with salt dough!

Don’t have access to sea glass.. fear not, shells and pebbles would look just as great! Check out these Salt Dough Turtles!

When the kids were little we also made these colourful Salt dough beads! They make a wonderful necklace for mum or could be used as counting beads too.

Older kids may enjot the challenge of these Salt Dough Pendants with these cute Kawaii Peas in a Pod Pendants!

Similarly, and even more challenging you can make some fabulous Salt Dough Emoji Beads! But we use the “coloured” salt dough recipe to make it easier!

Microwavable Salt Dough LOVE necklace

Though THESE Autumn leave bowls were made using clay, I have seen the SAME PROCESS used to make salt dough leaf bowls. Wonderful.

Adorable Pine Cone Hedgehogs!

Created wonderful Colour Leaf Impressions

A wonderful “classic” Salt Dough Foot or Handprint keepsake – these can also easily be turned into Christmas Tree ornaments.

Similarly these Footprint Hearts are super popular!

Similarly these thumbprint hearts are adorable!

Simple Salt Dough Votives – these are SUPER easy for kids to make and are great as little Christmas Votives or for Diwali – watch the video for our “how to”, really SO EASY  to make!

Salt dough Gift Tags by Pretty Wrapped (this site is now closed) – make them for any ocassion, these are little Wedding Gift Tags. Awww.

Thanks Giving Pendants

Salt dough Lady Birds by Damson Lane (this blog is no longer available)- they make for a great counting set.


Salt dough baskets

Salt dough bread for the toy kitchen

Lots more  salt dough play food by the Cherry Farm (this blog is on longer available, sorry)!

Salt Dough Snowmen

Salt Dough Penguin

Salt Dough Pen Box

Salt Dough Egg Cups

Salt Dough Medals

Modelling your favourite Book Characters

Salt Dough Wreath by the Chicken N Coop (blog no longer available)

These double up as Valentine’s Decorations or for Christmas

Or combine your hearts with buttons! Such sweet Button Heart Decorations!

Conversation Heart Necklaces!

Dias de Los Muertos Ornaments (Pin only!) – though if you search “Dead of the Dead Cookie cutters” they should pop up online!

Salt Dough works great as Fridge Magnets:

Valentines’s or Mother’s Day Fridge Magnets

Give a Hug Fridge Magnets

Cute little Crab and Turtle Fridge magnets 

And here the “classic” 10 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

For Christmas, you may want to give our Cinnamon Salt Dough a go. SOOO lovely!

Summarising the Salt Dough Ornaments shared below!

As mentioned Christmas is a great time to have a go at Salt Dough ornaments. Start off simple with the classic “cookie cutter ornaments” and then get a bit more adventurous and see what you can create?!

You can achieve a great amount of detail – e.g. look at these wonderful Salt Dough Santas from Carolina Farmhouse Kitchen – this blog is no longer available!

Similarly, get the felt tips out, make your basic Salt Dough Recipe and create some of these fabulous Santa Star Ornaments. Just so fun!

Salt Dough Stars – nice and simple! Kids LOVE this!

 Sea Glass and Button Trees

Combine Salt Dough and Stamping

More Salt Dough Stamping

Salt Dough Owl (now an invite only blog, sorry!)

Salt dough ornaments with seeds (instruction no longer available, sorry)

Salt Dough Patterns by She Made That (no longer available)- use doilies or similar!


Love these quirky characters!

Salt dough sun catchers

More Beaded Ornaments

Star Wars Ornaments (I know someone who will love these!) You will need a set of these Star Wars Cutters just search online for them!

Finally – some Easter Salt Dough Crafts

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments… not just for Christmas!

Hope you love this Salt Dough Crafts round up as much as I did creating it! If you fancy some more crafty inspiration, why not take a look at our Cookie Cutter Crafts?