Grinch Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Time for some Christmas movie fun! If lik use, you LOVE the Christmas Grinch.. then you will adore these fun Grinch crafts I have for you today! Let’s take a peak of at this collection of Grinch Christmas Crafts. I would love to hear which is your favourite or “must make first”!

Grinch Christmas Crafts Party DIY

The month of December, for me, invariable is all about Christmas crafting. And we love to explore different themes every year. Of course there are the traditional decemeber crafts – such as reindeer, elves and Santa! But this year, we are giving the Christmas Grinch and Nordic Gnomes a go. They both make a great themes for the holiday season – whether you are just decorating for your family or planning a holiday party. The grinch is so fun!

So let’s have a blast this holiday season with these great grinch crafts for kids of all ages!

How to make Grinch Themed Crafts

The basics for any Grinch themed crafts, is actually very simple. We tend to combine 3 elements:

  • The bright green skin tone of the grinch
  • A red heart – as after all, the Grinch DOES have a heart.. the Grinch’s heart makes a lovely theme for sure!
  • And in addition a red santa hat

Many people “struggle” with creating an accurate Grinch face, when creating Grinch Christmas crafs – an though, it is a great addition for some crafts, it isn’t strictly speaking necessary to have fun! So pace yourself with your craftiness!

Grinch crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

grinch playdough
No grinch slime recipe here, playdough all the way!

We DO have some themed Grinch playdough for you today – as we do love sensory activities for our little ones. We don’t however, have any green grinch slime. My main reason being – playdough is made from natural ingredients – it is play and taste safe, as well as being “good” for the environment. Most slimes, however, are based on plastics, are expensive to make and aren’t safe for little ones. So please, do stick with the grinch playdough, your little ones will be just as happy! Natural Beach Living, shows you how!

handprint grinch
The perfect craft for little hands!

Who needs a simple fingerprint Grinch, when you can make these adorable Handprint Grinch cards and gifts? Love! And the Grinch face isn’t too difficult o recreate – some yellow Grinch’s eyes and a simple nose/ mouth part added with a black sharpie. Too cute. Love the Grinch-y Christmas messages. More info here! Or visit I Heart Arts n Crafts for a neat printable card to go with your handprint grinch!

paper plate grinch face
Paper plate crafts are always popular!

Of course this type of collection would not be complete without a paper plate Grinch craft! So what will it be? Simple Today Life, has a lovely easy Paper Plate Grinch Face for you to make.

paper grinch craft

Katherine Marie’s website shared this super cute Grinch Craft for little ones MANY MOONS ago. Unfortunately, the site is not longer sharing the details for this craft – but the basics are simple – paint a paper plate green and cut into a rough Grinch’s Face Shape. Cut out the Grinch’s eyes and eye brows and rip green paper (great for finger strengthening). Then get the children to stick these on. Decorate the paper hats. So fun!

grinch's heart party game

Homemade Heather has this adorable “Pin the Heart on Grinch” DIY Party Game. How cute? SHe even created a printable Grinch template for you.

Grinch's Heart STEAM

Creative Family Fun has a quirky “Grow the Grinch’s Heart” experiment to make with the kids. Such a fun Grinch activity!

grinch card template

Grab yourself a free Grinch Template from Best Ideas for Kids! How cute is this!

General Grinch Christmas Crafts for Kids & Tweens

grinch mason jar

Love this Grinch Mason Jar by The Country Chic Cottage. A great way to give a gift this Christmas. Fill it with cash, treats or small gifts! Or simply use it as a cute Christmas decoration. This is definitely one for people feeling confident with their drawing skills, but would make a great gift!

grinch trees
Grinch Christmas Trees are adorable

How about something a little different but still a Grinch theme – make some Grinch Christmas Tree decorations. How fun are these? A grown up could cut, and a child can help paint. LOVE them! Down Redbud Drive shows us how.

Grinch Christmas Tree

Garden Therapy shows us how to make this fabulous decorative Grinch Christmas Tree! I love it and want one! This really is the perfect Grinch Christmas Craft to make.

grinch bath bomb gift

I love STEAM Powered Family’s Grinch’s Heart Bath Bombs. These would make a great gift to Grinch Party Guests, don’t you think? Or would be a wonderful stocking filler. SO cute!

Grinch Christmas Decorations

Now time for some Grinch ornaments and Christmas decorations.

grinch diy ornaments

We love filling glass ornaments for Christmas. And the Grinch theme works really well here too! Bullocks Buzz shows us how! I reckon these would be great to “make and sell” at a Christmas fair too!

easy grinch ornament

Though Buggy and Buddy has a really lovely and super easy version of the Grinch Glass Ornament too! How cute is this! Grab a red marker for the heart detail at the end!

grinch ornament

A little more elaborate.. is this fantastic Grinch hand frame by Holly’s Home. Fantastic!

spoon grinch christmas ornament

The Joy of Sharing has is fun spoon Grinch Ornament – she does use a plastic spoon.. why not use some wooden spoons instead? You can now buy wooden picnic spoons instead of the plastic one. Lots of fun for doll making!

So.. which Grinch Christmas Ornament will you give a go?

grinch stocking

Me Sew Crazy has this fabulous Grinch Stocking! Isn’t it fun? All you need is some green faux fur, then grab your sewing machine….

grinch advent decoration

Along a similar theme, how fun is Design Dazzles‘ Grinch Advent Calendar? Such a cute Christmas decoration too!

Yummy Grinch Snacks and Treats

grinch cupcakes

Grinch Cupcakes of course a a must. But, I also like to keep things simple. You can browse the big wide web for a number of grinch face cupcakes – but my, they look complicated to make. Ha. I love this simple recipe by Ruffles and Rainboots! As mentioned at the beginning – a simple green “body” with a lovely bright red heart, is a great way to represent the Grinch AND keep the Christmas colours going. You could even add some red sprinkles to the cake mix for some extra ooompf. Keep things simple for sure! Perfect munching whilst watching the Grinch movies! Yum.

Grinch Pretzels

I can’t resist these Pretzl Grinches from Natural Beach Living, simply because I LOVE chocolate pretzls.. they are so delicious. If making a the grinch’s face looks to tricky for you, just stick with the grinch’s heart!

easy grinch cookies

Christmas cookies always go down a treat. Movie Nights at Home has a delicious and simple to make set of Grinch cookies for us to try out! You could even add some red sprinkles to the cookie mix.

grinch marshmallows
Keep to the Grinch theme of bright green and red hearts! EASY!

Keeping the focus on “simple” and colours, love the Decorated Cookies Grinch Marshmallows – so cute, so fun and above all Do-able. Remember, tehse are meant to be eaten, so you don’t want to spend hours on decorating just one marshmallow to look like the Grinch. Right?! Your guests will love these!

grinch christmas favours

Or how about some quirky Grinch Christmas Party favours? These are too cute. And yet again so very simple! More info from Finding Zest! A great gift to give to guests at the end of a Grinch themed Christmas party!

Now all that is missing is an ode to Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch’s Dog Max.. mmmmh. I shall work on that and see what I can find for you!

In the meantime. Have a FABULOUS Christmas Grinch Party!

Grinch Crafts for kids
The Grinch is great theme for Christmas Crafts for Kids!