Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Christmas is my favourite time of year to craft with the kids (though Autumn Crafts are a close second!!!!), I have any happy memories of dark, cozy afternoons, huddled together and making Christmas Crafts. Over the years here on Red Ted Art, we have made many Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids, and it is about time, I brought them all together in one place for you. We will continue to update this post over the years, so do come back, browse and find new additions ad ideas! I have also created a special subsection of Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers aaaaand we have a great selection of Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids – great if you only have basic craft supplies! There are of course lots of overlaps between “kids” and “preschoolers” – and I usually find it has to do with how much adult support there is available! And we have a whole section for Christmas Gifts that kids can make! Do visit that too!

We love Christmas. Here are some of the best Christmas Crafts for Kids, that you will want to make time and time again. From cute Christmas Ornaments for kids, to keepsake Christmas Cards for Kids, you one stop shop to Christmas DIYs and cozy afternoons! #christmascrafts #crafts #kidscrafts #christmascraftskids

Christmas paper crafts

Since starting the Red Ted Art YouTube channel, we have a newly refreshed loved for PAPER CRAFTS. The reason the channel has reignited our love for paper, is that we realised that so many kids that watch the channel HAVE PAPER. It is an inexpensive and yet versatile craft material.. and there are lots of wonderful easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids! Yay.

More Christmas Printables here!

Christmas Bookmarks for Kids

As you know we ADORE making Bookmarks. Bookmarks are a great classroom activity, for a cold and dark Winter’s evening at home and also make great little gifts for friends and family. Here are some of our favourite!

Lots more Christmas Bookmark Ideas here!

Christmas Cookies for Kids

I know that Christmas Cookies for kids isn’t really a craft! Ha. However, I think baking at Christmas time and involving the kids is a key part of magical Christmas memories! And there is no reason why can’t get creative in the kitchen! Baking definitely should be part of anyone’s easy Christmas crafts for kids!

As well as some fabuous EDIBLE ORNAMENTS to make with kids:

Edible Christmas Ornaments

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

So this is our most “general” section – just plain simply: easy Christmas crafts for kids!!!! I am sure I could have grouped them (maybe into recycled Christmas crafts for kids or similar), but I thought it is good just to have a general section.. where you can fit everything in!

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ideas

More great Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Cards for Kids

We LOVE making cards. Christmas Cards are a fun way to get creative, but also to put a smile on a friend’s, teacher’s or relative friends. They make great “keepsakes” for family that live further away. Check out our Christmas Cards for Kids from years gone by!

  1. Adorable little Cotton Wool Pad Snowman Cards – great for young kids
  2. Gingerbread men cards
  3. Origami Penguin Cards
  4. Bauble Cards (Great for Tots and all ages up!)
  5. Oh Christmas Tree – Recycled magazine cards
  6. Textured and tactile Gingerbread house collage
  7. Santa Star Cards
  8. Christmas Tree & Sequins Cards  for tots
  9. Ornament Cards (Button Snowflake)
  10. Puffy Paint Snowglobe Cards
  11. Learn how to make snow globe cards using old plastic lids! A super fun recycled craft for kids to make this Christmas. We filled our snowglobes with little snowmen… but what about adding personalised photographs or other drawings?

More Christmas Card for Kids ideas here!

Christmas Popsicle Stick Crafts

We love working with popsicle sticks.. and there are so many cute things to make with craft sticks this holiday season. To start you off we have:

MORE designs coming soon!

Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Ah yes, Christmas Ornaments – we have a HUGE post dedicated to our favourite Christmas DIY ever – the lovely Christmas Ornament. We have even put 30 of our favourites into a special Christmas Ornament Book for you! I have picked out the section that is most “generally” appropriate for “kids”.. but of course it is all relative and you may want to browse the other ideas too!

Christmas Ornaments for Kids to make
  1. Fun with Pipecleaners – make these cute Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments
  2. Also ADORE these Dried Orange Slice Foxes. So cute!
  3. Get the felt tips out, make your basic Salt Dough Recipe and create some of these fabulous Santa Star Ornaments. Just so fun!
  4. Cutest Felt Penguin Ornaments – Red Ted Art
  5. Olaf – who doesn’t love Olaf?! A great craft for Champagne Corks!
  6. Similar theme – you can also make these little Rainbow Snowmen Corks
  7. Santa Corks (I love these little guys. Great for a game of “Santa Bowling” too!)
  8. And because we can’t get enough of corks, we also made ADORABLE Cork Penguin Ornaments!
  9. How about some Cinnamon Salt Dough – simply divine!
  10. Felt Hearts (teach kids to sew)
  11. Felt Button Stars (more kids learn to sew)
  12. Snowflake Ornament (use up those old puzzles)
  13. Papier Mache Baubles (yes, a bit random, but wanted to see if it would work!)
  14. DIY White Clay Hearts
  15. Mini Presents
  16. Fabric Keepsake Bauble
  17. Art Paper Baubles & Trees
  18. Similarly you can turn these easy Paper Baubles into Paper Snowman Ornaments. SO SWEET! They look amazing but are easier to make than you think!
  19. Photo Paper Baubles (a variation on the art bauble)
  20. Cookie Cutter Card & Ornament in One (more Edible Christmas Ornaments here)
  21. Scrap Fabric Angel (designed and blogged by a teen)
  22. Austrian Paper Angel
  23. Pom Pom Peg Fairies
  24. Pom Pom Fairies (wooden beads)
  25. Melted Hama Bead Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  26. Paper Fan Angels
  27. Sea Glass Ornaments
  28. To go with our Dried Orange Slice Foxes, we also have some adorable dried orange slice reindeers!

We have many many more DIY ornament ideas for you browse here –

A wonderful inspirational set of Christmas Ornaments to make and treasure. Over 35 ideas to choose from!

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

I just wanted to highlight that we have a great section dedicated to Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers – this captures the “toddler” through to preschool age group (2yrs – 5yrs). Preschoolers are at the same time a wonderful and yet tricky age group to work with – they have wonderful enthusiasm, beautiful “innocents” to their work and sometimes can get frustrated as their fine motor skills catch up with their creativity. So i create a sub section of ideas JUST for preschoolers – some will overlap with the Christmas Crafts shared above, others are just for this wonderful age.. from tots, to kindergarden and preschool!


And don’t forget those Gifts Kids Can Make – nothing like a homemade gift!!

Wonderful Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make
We love Christmas. Here are some of the best Christmas Crafts for Kids, that you will want to make time and time again. From cute Christmas Ornaments for kids, to keepsake Christmas Cards for Kids, you one stop shop to Christmas DIYs and cozy afternoons!

Enjoy your Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids!