Hajj Activities – Tawaff Art Project

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I loved learning all about Ramadan and Eid through our original islamic Guest Post series coming up. The islamic Instagram community where so very welcoming and generous to share their activities with me and you! So I thought with Hajj and Eid al-Adha coming up, it would be another fantasic opportunity to share some creative ideas for children! First up, we have Nidatastic again, with this Tawaff Activity.

Hajj resources kids

What is Hajj?

The Hajj is an annual practice when Muslim brotherhood is on display and their solidarity with fellow Muslim people, and submission to God (Allah) is fulfilled. In essence Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca – the holiest city for Muslims located in Saudi Arabia. Which all muslims must complete once in their life time. source

The centre of this pilgrimage is the  Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque.

Getting kids creating their own Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque’s is a great way to get children familiar with Hajj and the pilgrimage.

What is Tawaff?

As Nidatastic shares in her post, Tawaff is one of the important steps of Hajj and Umrah -circumambulation- walking around Kaaba 7 times in an anti-clockwise motion. You need to complete seven circuits, starting at the Hajar al-Aswad.

To learn and read about all the steps of Hajj, do visit Nidastic Instagram Account, where she has many amazing resources for you to check out. Including this fantastic Spin Wheel Hajj outlining all the important steps and rituals that need to take place.

steps of hajj

Supplies needed for the Tawaff Art Project

  • Piece of paper
  • Compass for drawing circles
  • Water colors or finger paper
  • Additional paper/ card to make the mosque
  • A little glue
  • Scissors
  • EXTENSION: The lovely “My First Book About Hajj”

Over to Nidastic and her project!


This activity is one of our favourites to do while learning about 1 of the important steps of Hajj and Umrah, Tawaaf (circumambulation- walking around Kaaba 7 times). We did finger painting of pilgrims doing tawaaf.

draw the circles for people
Draw 7 circles

I took a white cardsheet and drew 7 circles from a single centre point.

add finger print muslims circumventing

On those circles, my kids did finger painting of different colours to show pilgrims coming from all over the world to perform this amazing pilgrimage journey.

keep adding more people performing tawaff
finished tawaff art project

Once dried, I pasted the Kaaba stencil in the centre.

It is an easy and fun activity to do with your little ones at home while learning about tawaaf!

my first hajj book

With this, we read this colourful book, ‘My First Book About Hajj’ by @sarakhan_author which is about Hajj (pilgrimage) and its rituals, that we Muslims dream to do at least once in our lifetime.

hajj book

The text in it is simple and easy to understand, and the pictures are so beautiful and colourful. My little one enjoys looking at the pictures. We simply love this book!

tawaff art finished

I hope you feel inspired by this wonderful Hajj activity for kids of all ages. Even young children can join in with this one. And that you join us for more Hajj activities coming up!

A big thank you to Naditastic for this fantastic project and for sharing her resources with us! You can browse the #CraftYourHajj instagram hashtag for many more fantastic ideas.