Hajj Activities – Tawaff Salt Dough Project

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Today, we have Craftyykids share another wonderful Hajj educational resource with us as our educational journey into islam continues. A wonderful and easy to set up Tawaff Salt Dough project! This is a great way to introduce little ones – be it preschoolers or Early Years children – about the some of the rituals and steps needed. Learn more about Hajj and Tawaff with us today!

tawaff salt dough activity

What is Hajj?

The Hajj is an annual practice when Muslim brotherhood is on display and their solidarity with fellow Muslim people, and submission to God (Allah) is fulfilled. In essence Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca – the holiest city for Muslims located in Saudi Arabia. Which all muslims must complete once in their life time. source

The centre of this pilgrimage is the  Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque.

Getting kids creating their own Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque’s is a great way to get children familiar with Hajj and the pilgrimage.

What is Tawaff?

As Craftyykids shares in her post, Tawaff is one of the important steps of Hajj and Umrah -circumambulation- walking around Kaaba 7 times in an anti-clockwise motion. You need to complete seven circuits, starting at the Hajar al-Aswad.

To learn and read about all the steps of Hajj, do visit Craftyykids‘s Instagram Account, where she has many amazing resources for you to check out. Including this Ritual Mat and Hajj Story Stones activity.

hajj story stones

Supplies neeeded to make your Salt Dough Tawaff Activity

  • DIY Salt Dough – we have the best salt dough recipe here (you only need water, flour and salt in a 2:1 ratio!!)
  • Pebbles to represent pilgrims – buttons would be great too
  • A larger rock with Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque painted on (or make one from cardboard?)
  • Cardboard to make an anti clock wise arrow
hajj salt dough educational activity

Make your Salt Dough

You can watch our easy to follow Salt Dough Tutorial video on auto play.. or simply take your flour, salt and water (ratio 2:1, Flour: Salt) and follow these simple steps:

Take your flour and put it in a bowl.

Add the salt and mix.

Add half the water and mix.

Gradually add the remaining water and keep mixing until you have a smooth dough.

Now over to Craftyykids and this fab eductaional Tawaff activity for preschoolers.

Tawaff Salt Dough Activity

Learning Journey with my Twins!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing my twins excited about learning new things! Today, we delved into the fascinating world of Hajj, and their enthusiasm was through the roof!

Our learning adventure began with Tawaaf, the circumambulation around the Kaabah, and learning the beautiful duas that pilgrims recite during this sacred ritual. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness their curiosity unfold as we explored the significance of each prayer.

tawaff salt dough hajj activity

To make our learning even more engaging, we decided to do a cute and creative Salt Dough Tawaaf activity! We chose different skin colors of pebbles to represent the diversity of our ummah, reflecting the lessons from our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) last sermon. It was a powerful reminder of unity and equality.

Using salt dough as a base, we created a miniature land for our pebble Tawaaf. The twins had a blast painting the Kaabah on a small stone, adding a personal touch to their creation. It was incredible to witness their understanding of the two directions of Tawaaf: ( anticlockwise) the Tawaaf is done in an anticlockwise direction for seven times.

adding pilgrims to the salt dough

The best part is, as we engage in this hands-on learning experience, we are not only deepening our understanding of the rituals, but also strengthening our family bond. Together, we are creating cherished keepsakes that will serve as lasting reminders of our journey through knowledge and love.

salt dough Hajj activity

Watching my twins embrace the beauty of learning about Hajj fills my heart with joy. Their thirst for knowledge knows no bounds, and I can’t wait to explore more together in the days to come!

A big thank you to Craftyykids for sharing this wonderful educational Hajj resource with us! You can browse the #CraftYourHajj instagram hashtag for many more fantastic ideas.