Halloween Bookmark Coloring Pages

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Looking for a fun Lesson Plan Filler this Halloween? Or hosting a library Halloween Craft session? These Bookmarks are just the thing for you. I have a set of 12 spooky bookmark designs. You can print them off as simple coloring pages or use the full color version.

halloween bookmarks

Each printable page, prints two large bookmarks – you can adjust the printer setting if you would like them to be smaller.

You can print these onto light card (and cut out the centres, so they hook over your book) or paper (in which case, don’t cut the centre).

Great for cutting skills and coloring skills. As well as for classroom mindfulness time, independent working to do whilst others are finishing lesson plan work.

This 12 Page printable includes:

* 6 pages of full color bookmark printables (2 per page)

* 6 pages of coloring page bookmarks (2 per page)

As always we have a freebie for you.. which is our Monster & Frankenstein Bookmark page! Simply add $0 at check out. Please do tag me on instagram with your bookmark makes! Remember you can adjust your printer setting to make different sizes!

full set of printables

The twelve quirky designs are:

  1. Spooky black cat Bookmark
  2. Quirky Zombie Bookmark (with brains)
  3. Friendly Monster Bookmark
  4. Frankly Frank Bookmark
  5. Mummy Bookmark
  6. Creepy Count Dracula Bookmark
  7. Wacky Bat Bookmark
  8. Underwater monster bookmark
  9. Skull bookmark
  10. Scarecrow Bookmark
  11. Freaky Clown Bookmark and..
  12. Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Bookmark