Handprint Alphabet – D is for Dinosaur


And the Handprint Crafts continue with D for Dinosaur – I am really loving seeing quite how much both the children enjoy doing these, Red Ted always jumps up with pleasure when I say “shall we do some more Handprint Letters”? Check out the rest of our Handprint Alphabet… A, B and C already there! This is also fabulous for any Dinosaur Activities for preschoolers hunters!

handprint crafts
This Animal ABC series was first created in Spring 2012 and took 6 months to complete!

This week  I asked again – what “Ds do we know”? What handprint craft would you like to make? Dog, Dragon, Duck (we almost made a duck) and then suddenly there were excited “Dinosaur” cries. Mummy, let’s do a DINOSAUR Handprint. So we did! I think they turned out lovely. However, I am sure you can make them look “more dinosaury – with a bigger head and more spikes – but I am trying very hard not to interfere with where the kids want to place things. So. Here we go:

To make our Handprint Dinosaur, you only add paint to the palm, thumb and little finger. One will be the tail and the other the head!

handprint crafts alphabet

Once it dried, the children added funky foam spikes, googly eyes and legs!

handprint crafts dinosaur

Red Ted chose orange spikes and drew four neat legs

handprint crafts d for dinosaur

Red Ted’s second picture. We seem to always make “a double and a single” picture. One for the kitchen/ family room and one for his bedroom! Later we write the words and letters on the pictures too!

handprint crafts letters

I do like Pip Squeak’s purple spikes and enormous legs!

handprint crafts Letters

I think the dinosaur on the right is very fast! It has 5 legs.. maybe it took one from the dinosaur on the left?!

Anyway. These are our handprint art for the week… next is E for …..

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