11 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers

Oh yes.. we have some AMAZING Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers for you to check out. I decided to ***finally*** put this list together, as realised our pop up hatching dinosaur eggs and printable dinosaur feet crafts are ever so popular! So why not, bring you more fun ideas! Keep reading!

Dinosaur Crafts for Preschool

Dinosaur Crafts for Preschool

(If you are working with older kids, why not try this Dinosaurs Unit Study for Middle to High School?)

So here they are the “famous” hatching dinosaur eggs! We created this free printable resource as part of a gorgeous picture book crafting session. You can download the dinosaurs and eggs for free. SOOOO cute and super popular!

Dinosaur Feet

Celebrating another wonderful show for children we created some fabuluos printable Dinosaur feet (as well as instructions for creating your own). Now the only question remainds – how will you decorate yours? Lots of options available. Take a peak here.

papier mache piggy banks

And olden goldie.. many moons ago the kids and I decided that papier mache piggy banks were boring.. and that we should make some papier mache dino banks.. so we did. The kids then decorated them in funky colours! Making your own paper mache paste, is super easy and our recipe is eco friendly too, as it only uses flour and water!

make more paper dinosaurs

Or how about these adorable little paper dinosaurs complete with template? They come in two sizes so you can make them from JUST paper or using toilet rolls as dinosaur feet! Too cute!

Dinosaur prints

This really is a super simple “blast from the past”… oh my Red Ted, would have been about 4yrs old and Pip Squeak about 2yrs old.. or maybe both were even a little younger! We decided to have fun with bubble wrap printing and made some bubble wrap printed dinosaurs… and used the painted bubble wrap to make some prehistoric trees too. A fun collage project that we did over a number of days during those “long days off” before school!

handprint crafts

Similarly, when Red Ted and Pip Squeak were very little, we explored the WHOLE alphabet with an animal handprint ABC. We did one letter a week.. and yes, you can work out, that it took us 6 months to complete it. But complete it we did! Here is our super simple D is for Dinosaur handprint.

Have lots of fun exploring this Dinosaur Sensory Bin set up. So fun.

dinosaur puppet printable

The amazing Craft Train has a wonderful set of Dinosaur Activities that simply have to be included here. First up are these free printable Pterodatyle Puppets – and yes, before you say anything, I knw that strictly speaking they are not dinosaurs!

toilet Roll Dinosaurs

I always thought I (!) was the queen on Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.. I mean, I have well over 80 TP Roll Projects to choose from.. but here again, is The Craft Train, with some wonderful TP Roll Dinosaurs! Aren’t they fabulous?!

paper plate dinos

Finally, some adorable Paper Plate Dinosaurs – also by The Craft Train. But be sure to use some ECO FRIENDLY Glitter when making these, or skip the glitter all together. You can always add some bubble wrap printed decor to your paper plates!

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Another take on the paper plate dinosaurs is this fabuluos set by Arty Crafty Kids! Arent they fun! They could proabbly be turned into Paper Plate Dinosaur Masks too, don’t you think? Preschoolers will love this dinosaur craft!

Handprint Dino Cards

And you know we love a handprint (see our super simple dinosaur handprint above), but how cute is this handprint dinosaur? Perfect as a keepsake Father’s Day card, don’t you think? Visit The Joy of Sharing for info!

dino feet

Any Dinosaur Craft for Preschooler’s collection, worth it’s sall needs some tissue box dino feet, right? A wonderful childhood “classic” that is lots of fun and great for stomping about. Visit Rainy Day Mum for info!

More fun Dinosaur Activities Toddlers & Preschoolers will love

dino ice excavation

A fun one for hotter weather is this super simple Dino Ice Excavation. Grab your dinosaurs, some water and pop it all in the fridge. Lots of sensory summer fun for Dinosaur lovers!

dinosaur cookies

Which child doesn’t love to bake? Have a go at making these fun and easy Dinosaur Cookies – or dinosaur FOSSILS to be more exact. Lots to learn – from exploring print making, to following a simple recipe and maybe even cracking an egg (though we have a no egg recipe here too). Alternatively, you can do this activity and use our favourite Saltdough Recipe!

dinosaur coloring pages

A set of four fabulous Dinosaur Coloring Pages – Free to Download!

Or how about some fun with dinosaur shadow matching? Great Idea!

Fun Dinosaur DIYs to make FOR your kids!

Finally, I couldn’t resist adding some dinosaur DIYs that you may like to make FOR Your kids!

easy soap making
Dino Soap Eggs! Kids will WANT to wash their hands.

We had fun making soap dinosaur eggs with some pour and melt soup and real egg shells. A fun way to get kids washing their hands!

terrarium make

Terrariums are all the rage right now – the perfect little indoor garden wherever you live.. why not pop a couple of dinosaurs inside?

Dinosaur Egg Pinata

Parties with a cause has a fabulous Dinosaur Egg Pinata you can make! We adore papier mache projects and balloon pinatas are such a “classic” craft when working with papier mache and naturally lend themselves to make a perfect Paper Pinata Egg! Fill with dinosaur goodies and treats and it makes the perfect pinata for a Dinosaur Party!

I hope you found lots of Dinosaur inspiration today!!! Happy Making!

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