Handprint Alphabet – X for X-Ray Fish

Yes, we all knew X would be a difficult Handprint Alphabet craft! There is X for Xenops or Xenopus which can be either a bird or a frog – yes quite right, very confusing! The names are far too similar, the animal far too different.

So we settled on an X-Ray fish in the end.. hoping that you see the craft and you automatically think “X”…

I mean, look at this beauty:

X-Ray Fish

Though I have no idea about whether this is an x-ray fish “live”, ahem, x-rayed, or maybe with a torch shining behind it?! Do you know…? We went for the craft anyway!

preschooler alphabet craft

Preschooler Handprint Craft X for X-Ray Fish!

  preschooler handprints crafts

You will need another black hand. Spread your fingers when you print. If we did it again, we may use a blue sheet of paper next time!

preschooler alphabet crafts

We cut out a triangle for the head and strips of paper for the skeleton. And of course the obligatory googly eye.

preschooler alphabet crafts

Perfect little alphabet craft for preschoolers, don’t you think? Red Ted enjoyed discussing the shapes!

And here is Pip Squeak’s:

preschooler alphabet crafts

Bless, I think this one has been in an accident!! Or has had his bones rattled a little.

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