Make an Easy Witch Costume for Halloween

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Well, my kids are slowly getting into the whole “dress up thing” and last year they enjoyed going Trick or Treating for Halloween for thee first time. We kept it simple costume wise – and we thought a cute Halloween witch would be just the thing!

easy halloween costume

This year I needed some easy Halloween costume ideas.

And then I remembered the wonderful easy Tutu craft Guest post from The Imagination Tree a while back. What a perfect for an easy No Sew Halloween Costume idea too. Make a purple/green/ black tutu and you on your way to a little witch! Then add a little hat done.

The witch’s hat is a great post to show how very versatile Paper Crafts can be.. and is the perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids!

I alos think that the paper hats could be uses as a simple Witch Halloween Decoration. Make a hole bunch of them.. and decorate the Halloween table or mantle pieces or hang them from the seeling for a Halloween Party. So cute!

Here we go – learn how to dress like a witch without buying anything!

Supplies needed for your paper witchs hat:

  • tulle/ netting in desired colours OR black pin liners,
  • elastic band (or ribbon),
  • 2 pieces of black A3 cardstock – you may even get away with black construction paper for this
  • elastic for hat

I chose to go for the pattern: Black, Green, Black, Purple, Black, Green etc

How to make a Witches Skirt

witch costume
You can watch this tutorial on Youtube too!

You can make the witchs skirt in two ways. Either use tulle in desired witchs colours – purple, green, orange and black tulle are fantastic! OR you can actually achieve a great look using black bin liners! Crazy right.

The video on auto play shows you the black bin liner skirt tutorial, or follow the tulle tutu skirt instructions here..

How to make a Tulle Tutu Skirt for a little Hocus Pocus witch!

easy halloween costume

Make your tutu in the desired colours: Cut a piece of elastic that fits snuggly round your child’s waist and not.

Then cut approx 70cm long strips of netting and knotting them around a piece of elastic as per the pictures above.

The 70cm is really just an approximation, you can make it shorter or longer as desired.

Repeat until your elastic is “full” all the way around. Check out the easy Tutu craft if you need more detailed info.

Your witch’s tutu is done.

tie a bow in the witches skirt

As mentioned, you can make this Witch’s Costume Skirt using Bin Liners too!

How to make a Witches Hat Fascinator for kids of all ages

We love this Witches Hat – as it is a adorable for both adults and kids to wear! I love the cute little size, making it a fabulous fascinator/ hair piece for Halloween!

The hat: we decided to make a “party hat” styled witches hat, as a) A3 card is more easily available (and I had some in and didn’t have to go to the shops and b) it is less likely to fall off your child’s head all the time and c) it looks cute.

easy halloween costume

To make the cone – cut a quarter of a circle out of your card. I used a pencil and string to measure it out.

easy halloween costume

Cut the quarter circle out.

easy halloween costume

Roll into a cone shape and staple in place

Take your second sheet of paper, cut a circle (I used a plate as a “stencil). Then place your cone in the sent and draw around it to mark where it needs to go. Now cut a SMALLER circle out and the make indents into the remaining rim (see photo). Bend up and glue in place.

easy halloween costume

Add a little tape were your elastic will go, to strength the card, make a hole with a safety pin and then make the whole a little bigger with a pencil and thread through your elastic.

Tie some netting around it and done.

Now you have your hat!

Putting the Witches Costume together

Then dress you child in black (t-shirt and trousers/ tights) and add your hat and tutu and your done!

Easy Spider Pin DIY (part of a Halloween Costume accessory)

At this point you can go all out! If you have some stripey tights, add them – why not! If you have a cute Halloween t-shirt wear it. Have DIY Halloween Jewellery? Add that! The great thing is, that you can work with what you have at home.. and you do NOT need to make any unnecessary purchases to get this little witch outfit!

Now how was that for an easy Halloween costume?

Make a witch broom

how to make a witch broom

Now if you are really keen.. you can make yourself a witch broom too – but we decided not to make one, as it was one more thing to carry around trick or treating! Or why not make one (as they are so fun) and use it as some Halloween decoration for your porch? Here is fantastic tutorial for you to check out!

Need some more No Sew Halloween Costumes? Check out the full set:

Have a FUN Halloween and Happy Trick or Treating!

And be sure to pop back for more Witch Crafts coming soon! Perfect for all Hocus Pocus fans this spooky season!