Handprint Rocket Card for Father’s Day!

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Time for another lovely Handprint Father’s Day Card to make with the kids. We do love a good Preschooler Father’s Day Activity, though I think these would be cute for any age group.

This is a fabulous craft by Making With Mommy – a crafty instagram genius – and joins the rest of our Father’s Day Art Projects!

Father's Day Rocket Craft with handprints
First shared in May 2019

Handprint Father’s Day Rocket Ship Card

Let Dad know you think he is OUT OF THIS WORLD with this simple and fun card. Use your handprints to create the flames for your rocket ship flying through outer space!

Materials Needed to make your Handprint Rocket Card

  • Construction paper
  • Paint sticks (or you can substitute paint and paintbrushes)
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Glue (rubber cement or regular washable glue)
  • Star puncher (optional)
  • Rocket ship template (click here)

How to make a Handprint Rocket Card for Dad

Step 1: Download and print the rocket ship template. Cut out the rocket ship shapes from the template and trace them onto your construction paper. Trace two of the wing shapes and two of the circular windows. Cut out your shapes from the construction paper.

Rocket parts to make father's day art

Step 2: Get a piece of red or orange construction paper. Use red and orange paint sticks to draw flames on your paper. Trace your hand on the decorated paper and cut it out. *If you have multiple kids, cut one of each of their hands and you can layer them when you assemble the card!

Coloured paper for handprint fire from rocket
handprints from dad and child for fire rocket

Step 3: Use your glue to glue the pieces of your rocket ship together! Glue one wing on either side of the ship, glue on the two round windows and glue your handprint flames at the bottom of the rocket.

Assembled handprint rocket for dad

Step 4: Take a dark colored piece of construction paper (black, dark blue or purple!) and use your paint sticks to draw wavy lines all over it! This will create a galaxy style background for your card! Stick to paint colors like blue, purple, black and gray.

out of space art for preschoolers

Step 5: Glue your rocket ship onto your background! Add some finishing touches to the ship with a permanent maker, if you’d like. Trace and cut out the star shape from the template on yellow construction paper. Write a message to Dad with your permanent marker and glue the star onto your card. Finally, you can use your star-shaped punch to create smaller stars to glue onto the background as well!

Finished art project for dad

This guest post is by Emily Limer from Making with Mommy! Follow her on Instagram to see more cute projects you can do with your kids! Check out some of their favorite recent projects below:

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