Hanukkah Activities for Preschool

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We have our more general Hanukkah Crafts for all.. but also thought, I should narrow it down to some Hanukkah Activities for Preschool – as I know this is helpful to some of you – especially when working with toddlers, kindergartners and preschoolers. But these are also often especially useful for larger groups or even when working with people with dementia! So I hope this more niche list of activities is useful for you today!

Hanukkah activities preschool
Easy Hanukkah Activities for Preschool!

These activities are perfect for anyone celebrating the Festival of Lights this December or wanting to learn a little more about Chanukah!

General Hanukkah Activities for Preschoolers

hanukkah sensory bin

Moms and Crafters shares a wonderful Hanukkah themed sensory bin, that preschoolers adn toddlers will want to dive into! See what Hanukkah themed items you can add. Gelt/ coins, candles and dreidels are a great start!

make gelt for hanukkah

Make your own gelt with your kindergartner/ preschooler, with this fun activity by What Do we Do All Day!

Then of course, we have more general activities to includes such as:

make latke

Making potato pancakes: Latkes (you can get your little ones to help you grate the potatoes!) – Childhood 101 shows you how. We all know how pretty much ALL holidays and ALL tradition centre around food!!! So Latkes really are must make for ANY Hanukkah activity.

hanukkah books

Reading books about Hanukkah Read Brightly has a fantastic list for you to explore! Books mean so very much to us! Not only are they fun and kids LOVE to hear a story. It is a great way to encourage literacy when they get older! A wonderful way to learn about the celebrations and their meaning or simply to have some cozy together time!

hewbrew letter writing

Fantastic Fun & Learning has some sand letter trays to help with having a go at hebrew letters with your kindergarten child! It is actually a lovely sensory activity too!

Star of David Craft for Preschoolers

Star of David suncatcher

Paper Plate Star of David suncatcher with Star Template. A wonderful way to use some recycled tissue paper and paper plates to make a windwo Star of David Suncatcher. Gorgeous.

Easy Hanukkah Menorah Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s make the special holiday season candelabra – the Hanukkak Menorah!

menorah for preschool

Moms and Crafters also shares this wonderful and oh so simple to make clothpeg menorah craft. A great way to get the children involved in “lighting” the candle each day.

chanukah menorah

Moms and Crafters also has this lovely pipe cleaner candle Menorah!

handprint menorah

Wonderful handprint menorah by S B Creatively!

paper plate menorah

Nurture Store has a lovely Paper Plate Menorah to make with little kiddos. This is so sweet, fun and easy to make!

Dreidel Crafts for Preschoolers

DIY Dreidels and Dreidel shape based crafts are also a wonderful theme to explore with your preschoolers.

hanukkah penny spinners

Combining the theme of gelt (ie the penny) and the spinning top (ie the dreidel), give our decorative penny spinners a go! A fun “twist” to this classic STEAM project to make for the Hanukkah Holiday Season.

dreidel craft for preschool
Explore watercolors with these beautiful dreidel templates

Simple watercolor dreidel craft for kids of all ages – the whole family can enjoy making these lovely watercolor dreidels together. Then you can string them up into a colorful dreidel garland. A perfect Hanukkah activity for toddlers, preschoolers and up! Hop over to Creative Jewish Mom for more! The garlands would make a lovely decoration both in the classroom or at home.

cardboard dreidel

Easy pencil dreidels by What Do We Do All Day – all you need is cardboard and a pencil. This is a fun project that kids will love to play with too! The kids will love to give these a spin and see what dreidel word they land on.

Looking for more Chanukah Craft Ideas? Here is a fantastic set – many of which you can include in your lesson plans – especially for KS1 and KS2 (elementary school children):