Healthy Snowman Snack

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Towards the end of last Winter we started having a LOT of these super cute and easy to prepare HEALTHY Snowman snacks… luckily my kids like cream cheese and raisins… so this was a bit of a after school staple. We love cute Snowman Crafts and Ideas for kids!

Spring and Summer came our way and we forgot about our little Snowman snack, but with Autumn heading our way, I think it is time we made this snowman again.. you know know WHEN the snow will come, now do you?!

Healthy After School Snack Ideas - this is quick and easy to make - in fact, get the kids to do it! Tastes yummy and is healthy! Win win! Love all things to do with snowmen and this snowman snack will go down a treat!

To make your Healthy Snowman Snack you will need:

  • A rice cake or large plain round cracker
  • Cream cheese
  • Raisins
  • Red & orange pepper  (or use a piece of carrot, some apple or other fruit and vegetables that your kids like)

Assemble your snowman snack

I think the rest is pretty self explanatory!

Spread your cream cheese and add your snowman features! Maybe you can get even more creative and create different characters and faces?

Other ideas for healthy snacks

So simple and fun and the kids will love to make these. What other variations can you think of? Maybe you can make a simple polar bear face? Or white owl snack? Let your imagination rund wild!

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Now watch our Snowman Snack video to see how quick it is to make:

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