30 Easy Snowman Crafts

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Oooooh today we have some special winter crafts for kids today.. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a SNOWMAN!? I love love love Snowmen and love Easy Snowman Crafts even more. There is something that just has childhood and childhood memories written all over these Snowman Craft ideas. These DIY Snowmen ideas, are great for both winter and Christmas Crafts to make with the kids and for the whole family to enjoy!

Easy Snowman Crafts - collage of great snowmen activities for kids
This collection of snowman crafts was first shared in November 2014! And have been updated and republished for your convenience!

Eventhough we don’t get that much snow here in the UK, when do get it (even the smallest amount) a snowman HAS TO BE MADE! So. Whilst we eagerly anticipate the snow, here we have a set of over 30 Snowman Crafts to keep the kids and me busy.

Who needs snow to enjoy the Winter??? And if you are stuck indoors on a “Snow Day” off school and are looking for Snow Day Activities, without getting cold and wet, maybe you too will be inspired to have a go at one of these ideas? There are all sorts of crafts to suit everyone – as well as some fun fun fun Marshmallow Snowmen towards the end of the post!

Here we go: Easy Snowman Crafts for you today!

Recycled Snowman Crafts for kids of all ages

Let’s get these snowman craft projects started with some eco friendly recycled snowman crafts – just because they are recycled, doesn’t mean they aren’t adorable snowmen!! Take a peak:

Toilet Roll Snowmen - Easy Snowman Crafts for Kids

TP Roll & Odd Sock Snowmen Bowling – this Toilet paper roll snowman has been a LONG TERM favourite here on Red Ted Art. I mean, what is not to love? Recycled paper tubes AND recycled socks – finally a use for all those “lone” socks, they make perfect snowman hats and scarves…. and hey presto you have yourself the basic supplies to make an adorable snowman! And not just that, you can PLAY with these cute little snowmen too and have a game of snowman bowling. If you are VERY keen, you can add numbers to the back of your snowmen and add a little maths practice. Woohoo! Toilet paper rolls really are the best!

cardboard tube snowman favours

Simlarly, you can decorate your Toilet paper Rolls and created some little DIY Gift Boxes, by making these oh so simple Snowman Gift Boxes! All you need is white paint, some markers or pens and an optional off cut of ribbon to make little scarves. Then fill with treats (Hershey’s kisses would be perfect) and done! A great back to school Teacher’s gift in January or party favour for Winter Birthdays! Some people aren’t keen on Toilet Paper Rolls, but you can use paper towel tubes too and just cut them in half!

Snowman Ornament Crafts for kids

Next in our adorable snowman craft line up, we have our Rainbow Snowmen Ornaments – another recycled craft, these snowmen are made from wine corks. And are easy to make (super quick too, if you exclude the drying time of the white paint). A little paint, hot glue and some accessories and you have a cute little snowman ornament.

cute snowman diy

Check out our newspaper and Yarn wrapping technique to make our cute Yarn Wrapped Snowman and Yarn Wrapped Knitting Ball ornaments! Best ideas don’t cost a lot and have little hacks to cut down on yarn usage. The newspaper centre really is very clever (and much much better than un-environmentally friendly styrofoam balls). You could even add a button nose, how cute would that be?!

Make Your Own Snowman Snap Game for school fairs or the classroom

Recycle Mason Jars to make these Easy Snowman Brownie in a Jar Recipe – a lovely gift idea for the New Year/ January/ Back to school Teacher’s Gift!

A really easy craft up next! One of our set of winter desk tidies.. make this super duper quick and easy Snowman Pen Pot – once again, supplies are simple – recycled a tin can, use some white printer paper or construction paper and make a snowman scarf with ribbon offcuts! Such a lovely way to decorate for the holiday season.

Paper Bag Snowman

One for little ones again. Turn the humble brown paper bag into this super fun Paper Bag Snowman!

egg carton snowman

Blue Sky Family Farms shows us how to make this wonderful Egg Carton Snowman Craft. Isn’t it fantastic? Who knew egg cartons could be this fun and could be turned into such a cute snowman craft!

Fun Snowman Crafts made from Paper

For many of the snowmen DIYs coming up, you simply need some white paper, pens and scissors to great some fabulous snowman activities!


One of our best ideas for kids, was this easy Paper Snowman Ornaments (promise, they look tricky.. but are super easy!). It is so popular with my readers. I am not surprised though.. as again the supplies needed are super simple – you basically only need printer paper (though construction paper is fine too) and a glue stick!

Adorable Kawaii Snowman Bookmarks! These little cute snowmen always make me smile as they are SOOO cute! And I am rather addicted to all bookmark crafts! All you need for this one is a paper clip, some light card and a little glue. Aren’t the little pair of mittens super cute too?

Adorable Snowman Bookmark designs – yes, more bookmark fun, and this time we have circular corner bookmarks – eh, how does that work? Yep.. ROUND corner bookmarks.. find out how!

3D Snowman And Friends – more paper fun with these adorable and cute Snowman and Friends Free printable templates. They are great for coloring and then either – using them as decor, as snowman party hats (just add some elastic) or to play with as paper puppets! One paper snowman craft, lots of uses!

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids

A free printable exploring EMOTIONS! Learn how to make an Emotions Snowman a great free SEL resource for the classroom or when working with preschoolers on identifying emotions. Make learning fun!

Surprise Christmas Cards

Another free printable template – is this adorable expandable Snowman Card. So cute. Perfect for printing, decorating and sending Thank you messages in January!

snowman picture

Kids Art Advent Calendar

Easy Snowman Greeting Cards (many 3d Snowman ideas too!)


Cute and easy Snowman Pop Up Card – these are great for Christmas, Thank You notes and Winter Birthdays!

Pop Up Snowman Cards

Learn how to make a W type Pop Up Card, with these adorable snowmen!

Easy Paper Chain Pop Up SNowman Cards - cute kawaii snowmen Christmas cards

This paper chain snowman pop up card is SO easy to make, you will wonder why haven’t done so sooner!

Super Simple Snowman Card Design, part of the quick and easy Christmas Card series

Need a lot of greeting cards in a hurry? Then these super simple snowman cards are just what you need!


Toddler Snowman Card – this snowman is made from flat cotton balls or cotton pads and is a super fun and tactile snowman craft for young children and Kindergarteners! You could make a larger version of this as a cotton ball snowman craft?!

More DIY Snowman Ornaments

Snowmen ornaments make great Christmas Decorations.. but you can also decorate your home with these throughout Winter! Check out our fun ideas.

Adorable Snowman Crochet Ornament

For older kids or keen crocheters.. have a go at this SUPER cute Crochet Snowman Ornament! Printable patterns also available.

Snowman Ornament Craft

Upcycled Snowman Ornament Keepsake (from baby’s cardigan) – this snowman ornament could of course go into the recycled DIY crafts section.. but it is also an ornament. I made it from my kids (stained) baby cardigans and I love getting it out every year!

light up snowman

Tea Light Snowmen – I think Tea light snowman DIYs are now classed as “classics” – I have no idea who first invented them, they are all over pinterest and facebook.. but they are so cute and so fun, we simply had to make our own set! Love. These would make a cute last-minute gift too, don’t you think?

We love holiday craft projects that use wood slices: so here we have the Cutest Wood Slice Snowman! This is a lovely snowman activity made from a stack of wood slices (if you are really keen, you can cut you own! But I confess, that we do purchasse these)

Snowman Pinch Pot project

We are GREAT fans of Pinch Pots – a super accessible craft for kids of all ages. Make your pinch pot seasonal and have a go at these adorable Snowman Pinch Pots!

More DIY SNowman Ideas from friends around the web


Glue Snowman (so fun!) by Crafts by Amanda

Similarly why not give this Salty Snowman Art project a go? By Best Toys 4 Toddlers


Gorgeously delicious snowman bark (I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!) by Princess Pinky Girl The whole “melted snow” look is so fun!

Snowman Advent Garland

Snowman Advent Garland

simple snowman

Super simple Stone Snowman


Cute CD Snowman Ornaments

snowman crafts - gift box

Snowman Gift BoxSnowman Gift Box you could make as a cute DIY Snowman Tissue Box too?! Very simple and fun to make!

Build a snowman toy

Build A Window Snowman – love this 3-foot tall snowman activity!! How high can your kiddo reach?!

Button Snowman Craft

Adorable Button Snowman – buttons are always the best!


Genius and super simple Snowmen Luminaries


Adorable Snowman Spoons

snowman crafts - keys

Adorable Key Ring Snowmen!


Salt Dough Snowmen (too cute!)

pom pom snowman

Pom Pom Snowman

juice carton olaf snowman

Juice Carton “Wrap” – googly eyes would also be cute for this. But love the “sticker” eyes. So fun!

tin can crafts snowman

Gorgeous Tin Can Snowman Decoration


Button Snowmen (so cute)

Snow Activities for kids

Waiting for some snowfall? Make some mini snowmen!


Vintage Snowmen Made from Flower Pots

Olaf Snowman Keepsake

Snowman Salt Dough Footprint – Olaf (what a mouthful, but fabulous!)


This is a no sew sock Snowman Craft by One Creative Mommy in the style of Olad from Frozen. But you can of course make an “ordinary” sock snowman this way too! The fun you can have with a white sock filled with rice! Ha.

handprint snowmen ornaments

Handprint Snowmen Ornament – these snowman handprints are easy peasy and oh so cute! Create this jolly snowman ornament today and make a keepsake ornament for years to come. Such a cute idea!

Craft Stick Snowmen ornaments

Popsicle Sticks make great Snowmen too. Like this cute set by Happy Hooligans! Love the button and little scarves! Too cute.

snowman fridge

The kids will love this Snowmen Fridge


Snowman Cocoa in a Jar – who doesn’t love some hot chocolate! These cuties bring instant cheer and are the perfect way to settle down to a sentimal Christmas movie! Yum.

Melted Snowman Cookie

The now almost “classic” melted snowman! Oh dear.. what’s happend to frosty?!

snowman treats

Snowmen Marshmallow Treats (love these)


Holiday Ranch Cheese Balls


Snowman Eggs! How fun!

snowman lunchbox

Snowman Lunchbox (LOVE THIS!)

And that is it for our snowman DIY collection. I hope you have much fun with these and that you have a very happy holiday season!

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Hope you are feeling inspired by these Easy Snowman Crafts and that you will getting crafty!!

30 Wonderful and Easy Snowman Crafts