Heart Bouquet Cards – Valentine’s Cards or Mother’s Day Cards

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Easy Heart Bouquet Cards for Valentines. Love these Valentines Cards that open up as hearts. They would be great as Mother's Day Cards too. So cute and easy. #valentines #valentinescard #cardmaking #kids #hearts #mothersday
First shared in Jan 2018

Today we have the gorgeous Amanda from  barley & birch sharing an adorable Heart Craft with us.. these Heart Bouquet Cards are perfect as little Valentines Cards for Kids to make, but would also work VERY well as Mother’s Day cards. Aren’t they adorable? They are super simple to make and look great. Over to Amanda and ger great 31 Days of Love contribution – be sure to visit her blog today too!!! I love the use of Newspaper as a quirky little recycled detail of these DIY Cards! So cute! We adore Newspaper Crafts!

Collaged Heart Bouquet Cards

Hi Red Ted Art readers! I’m Amanda from barley & birch, a cozy little spot where I share art, craft, design and DIY projects creative kids can make with their families. I was so excited when Maggy asked me to participate in her 31 Days of Love series, and thought it would be perfect to share a classic family favorite my sister and I used to make on cold winter afternoons with my grandma.

In addition to being a fun way to spend a chilly day, this is a great opportunity to recycle leftover wrapping paper and ribbon, and your finished product will be a sweet homemade heart-warmer for family members or friends.

This little bouquet of hearts looks just like it was freshly-picked & bundled up with love at the farmer’s market – and opens to reveal a sweet surprise message on an extra-big heart!

Heart Bouquet Cards for Valentines – You’ll Need:

  • Card stock or construction paper
  • Tissue paper or construction paper in various colors (you can recycle    used wrapping paper too!)
  • A page of newspaper, newsprint or similar
  • A black crayon or charcoal
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A piece of ribbon or twine (optional)

How to make your Heart Bouquet Cards

Shape the heart card

Step 1: Make the base of your card by folding a pice of card stock or construction paper (we used an old file folder for one of ours!) in half. Starting at the folded edge, cut a half-heart shape out, so when your card is opened it creates a full heart.

Step 2: Using a black crayon or piece of drawing charcoal, sketch a few lines on the front on your card – starting near the point at the bottom, and fanning out toward the sides at the top. These will be the stems of our flowers.

Create your Heart Bouquet (or flower bouquet)

Step 3: Next, cut some heart shapes out of a few different colors of tissue paper. These are going to be the petals and leaves of your flowers, so you can use many different colors and cut varied sizes (as we did) or use one or two colors in similar sizes.

Step 4: Experiment with making flower shapes out of layering different heart shapes – there are endless combinations! Once you have your flowers arranged the way you’d like, glue the petals down onto the tops of your stems. To create a 3-D effect, try gluing only half of the heart onto the paper. Add some green leaves by cutting hearts in half and gluing them to the stem lines or around the petals.

Combine your hearts and card

Step 5: Just like a fresh cut bouquet from the market, we’re going to give ours a newspaper wrapping. Cut a couple triangles out of a piece of newspaper, and glue them, one overlapping the other, to the bottom of your card, Trim any excess from the edges.

Step 6: To finish the bouquet, grab a piece of ribbon or twine and glue a strip horizontally across the newspaper “wrapping”. You can criss-cross a couple strips to look like wrapped twine, or add a bow, as if your bouquet has been tied up with a ribbon. Trim any excess from the edges.

Write your own special message on the inside of the card, and you’re ready to brighten any winter day with this lovely little bouquet!

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