How do you braid with 4 Strands


We love our Crafts Basics series.. and have another great simple tutorial for you: How do you braid with 4 Strands! Yes the 4 strand plait. At first it looks a little tricky. But you will quickly get the hang of it.

This 4 strand braid is perfect for T-shirt yarn – turn it into Friendship Bracelets, hair bands or as bag straps.

4 Strand Braid How To
A four-strand braid is great for yarn, fabric, ribbons, but also hairstyles!

We love this 4-strand braid as it looks great nad yet the braiding process is pretty much the same as your regular three-strand braid once you get your head around it. Some people call this four-strand braid a french braid, fishtail braid or dutch braid and yes.. you can use this 4-strand plait for hair too! It makes for lovely hairstyles. Just use a little hairspray to help keep it all in place if hair is thick.

But for ease, we will show you how to make this 4-strand braid using t-shirt yarn. You can of course use ribbon, cord or twists of fabric to make this too!

How to make a 4-Strand Braid or Plait

It really is easiest to watch the video!! YAY! But will also explain the process below!

How to make a plait with four strands – step by step instructions

If working with hair, make sure you divide the hair into sections of hair with 4 equal strands.

4 strand plait

Take your four strands and either knot, pin or tape them to a surface. When plaiting it is always helpful to have some “tension” at the top and make it easier for you to plait!

Even out the strands, so they are lying neatly before you.

Take the right strand and and move over ONE strands to it’s left.

Then take the left strand (a yellow strand in my image) and bring it across BOTH middle strands.

NOTE: the strand on the right hand side only goes over ONE strand. The strand from the left hand side always goes over TWO strands. This is the key to the 4-strand braid!

Now repeat – starting again on the right-hand side and moving over to the left-hand side.

Repeat until you get to the end of the braid.

Then knot off, add an elastic or sew the braid in place (depending on what you a working with).

How to make a chevron braid with tshirt yarn

Keep going and then knot your plait to secure it. You have now successfully plaited with 4 strands. Isn’t it pretty?! I love how when you plait with 2 colours you end up with a chevron plait! So easy.

Hope you enjoyed this Craft Basic!

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