How to make a Cozy Coupe from a box!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Little Tikes

Many moons ago, my kids couldn’t wait for their turn in the Cozy Coupe at playgroup. We had three of them and they were in serious demand!!

Can you believe that they have been around for over 40 years! 40 years of these Little Tikes Cozy Coupes driving around? A favourite among many little people, right? To celebrate, and to get kids being creative ahead of the Little Tikes World’s Biggest Play Date on 16th May we’re making a Cardboard Box Cozy Coupe for your cuddly toys! Here is how you can make a Cozy Coupe simply by using a cardboard box! 

Cozy Coupe Cardboard Box Craft – Materials

Cardboard Box Cozy Coupe

You will need:

  • a cardboard box
  • pencil sketch outline on to cardboard box
  • scissors & craft/exacto knife to cut out windows
  • compasses or bowl/cup to outline the wheels
  • paint & brushes
  • glue to glue wheels on main body
  • a picture of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

How to make your Couzy Coupe using a Cardboard Box

This is a craft for carers and little one(s) to work together. Get the kids to help with the paint and add the details yourself.

Note: Please take extra care when working with a craft knife in close proximity of a child or use only scissors.

The first fun part is to find the RIGHT cardboard box. Your little one will find this most exciting. The box should preferably be of rectangular shape and pretty high. Ours measured 18 (wide) x 29 (high) x 30 (deep) cm. But you can work with whatever box you have or combine two boxes cut down to size (one for the yellow part of the cozy coupe and one for the red part).

PART I – Outlining the shape of the Cozy Coupe on the cardboard box

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  1. Draw your Cozy Coupe outlines

    Pick up your pencil! We will start off with sketching the outline of the Cozy Coupe on to the Cardboard Box. Best to have some pictures of an actual Cozy Coupe handy to copy the cute details such as red main body & yellow roof, white cheeks, cute big eyes, wheels with red & white centre and not to forget the petrol filler on the side. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Your child won’t!!!Draw your car outlines

  2. Add more details

    We outlined the red main body first, followed by the yellow roof. Then we added eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth. When you are happy with the result it’s time to cut out the windows. Outline your cozy coupe

  3. Cutting out windows and starting to paint

    Depending on how strong the cardboard box is you chose you can either use your scissors or opt for the craft knife to cut out the window parts. Apart from cutting around the eyes this is not too tricky a task. Yeah!

    Cut the large windows carefuly, so you can reuse th cardboard for the wheels.

    Cutting your car shapes into the box

  4. Prepare your wheels

    The two window parts on the side that we cut out we will use for the Cozy Coupe’s wheels! Use either your compasses or a bowl to outline two circles on each cut out window part.

    Don’t forget to also draw a small and a little bigger circle so we can paint the red/white/black of a proper Cozy Coupe wheel.

    With the wheels prepared we can start painting! We used acrylic paints to more easily cover up the printing on the cardboard box but normal paint (e.g. water based and gouache) will do just fine, too. The Cozy Coupe Wheels

  5. Continue Painting your Cozy Coupe

    The kids can help paint the yellow and red part of your Cozy Coupe, whilst you can add the dtails in black and white.

    In the picture you can see how we painted all 4 sides. The top of the box we painted plain yellow! Paint your Cozy Coupe colours

  6. Adding the wheels

    All that is left now is to add the wheels to the main body of the Cozy Coupe.

    Add glue to half of the wheel and glue on to the main body. Make sure to let it dry before you put all the weight of the car on to the wheels!

    Adding the cozy coupe wheels

Play with your own cardboard Cozy Coupe

DONE!!! Hurray! I am sure all stuffy friends are already lining up to go on a ride! Have fun playing!!!

I hope you have a go at this adorable craft. It is so fun to make toys for your cuddly toys!! And we do love the Cozy Coupe. So many happy memories. Many thanks to Little Tikes for sponsoring this project!