How to make a Hanging Rope Shelf


Learn how to make a hanging rope shelf from left over wood (or even pallet wood). I love that you can making these rope shelves one or two or even as three tier shelves for the garden or indoors.

Our Rope Shelf is sheltered by the front door and will probably last longer there… but these DIY shelves are great for the garden too! A fab little Garden Craft to have a go at this summer!

DIY Rope Shelf for the garden

I apologise that we don’t have step by step photos for these shelves, but if you love to use a drill, they really are very easy to make. We also made some cute DIY Panda Pots to go on our shelf. Hop over and take a look!

To make your Rope Shelves you will need

  • Rope – I bought a 6mm x 10m Jupe Rope and used approx 8m of it
  • Wooden blanks of the desired width and length

How to make a DIY Rope Shelf for the garden

Time needed: 30 minutes

  1. Cut your wood the same length

    Begin by making sure all your planks of wood are the same length. Cut them down if need be.

  2. Prep the wooden shelf

    Now it is time to sand down your wood. Sand the main surfaces and the the edges. If you wish, you can paint or varnish the wood now too. We left ours natural.

  3. Mark our your drill holes

    Mark out four drills holes evenly. They should be marginally thicker than your rope.

  4. Drill your holes

  5. Prepare your rope

    You will near 2 equal lenths of rope (we used approx 4m each). Long enoug to thread through all your shelves twice (in our case two) as well as extra for creating “support” knots and hanging rope. Add tape to the ends, for easier threading.

  6. Fold the rope in half and know

    top of the rope shelf

  7. Thread through the first shelf

    Thread through and know below the shelf – make sure the rope lengths are all equal so that the shelf hangs straight.
    rope shelf

  8. Then the next level

    rope shelf knots

  9. Cut or tie the remaining rope

    I tied the remaining rope, in case we wanted to add a third shelf at a later date!

DIY Rope Shelf for the garden

Done! Now find somewhere to hang and put some nice pots on it! So lovely!

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