How To… make a No Sew Handprint Appliqué T-shirt



After the fabulous Guest Post from Helen at Ickle Babe, I thought about what kind of T-shirt I could make for Red Ted and Pip Squeak. I wanted to make it very personal to them, but also recycle some of the materials I have lying around the house, amongst others The Englishman’s old shirt.

And then I had it: Handprint Tees!

So I then sat down and had a fiddle of what “Handprint” designs would look nice for a boy and a girl. For Red Ted I came up with a hedgehog! Here is how:

Materials: A T-shirt, Fabric, Bondaweb, Scissors, Paper (for templates), Pencil & Fabric Pens/ Crayons

1) Cut out some of your children’s handprints and have a play regarding a design you would like to do!

2-3) Depending on the design, you may want to attach the Bondaweb onto the fabric first, then cut out the hands. For my design however, it was nice to keep the fingers in line with the stripes of The Englishman’s shirts. Not wanting to waste any Bondaweb, I cut the hands out of the shirt first and then applied the Bondaweb (with another old shirt as backing). Make sure you apply the Bondaweb to the REVERSE of your pattern.

4) Peel of the Bondaweb back, arrange your appliqué and then iron with a damp cloth. Best to just rest the iron on top of the arrangement, so as not to move anything. Check all the parts, I had to add a little bondaweb to part of the head

5) Add any details with fabric marker and follow instructions for the marker (in my case, iron some more)


What I love about his, is that it got Red Ted (2.5yrs) really excited, so we made his own hedgehog. He is very much at the “copy” stage in art and this is a neat thing he can do! Needless to say, I did help him!

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