How to… Make Fabric “Paper” Chains (Guest Post)


Remember the wonderful and beautiful Helen from Ickle Babe from a few month’s back? She came up with this great way of “recycling” your child’s favourite t-shirt that they have either outgrown or that has stained or been damaged. It was fabulous and you must go and take a look. Helen really is a very crafty lady and always comes up with something original… so I asked if she fancied another Guest Post and fancy she did… even more importantly she came up with a fabulously fun idea! Fabric Paper Chains. Not only do they look wonderful, but they are a FABULOUS way to use up those fabric scraps you have lying around.. go Helen!  And if you like what you see, DO go and visit her shop and blog! They are gorgeous! Oh AND it is “No Sew”! Hooray! You could of course sew these if you fancy it…

Oh… and make these in red, blue and white and you have a FABULOUS Royal or 4th July Craft! Hooray all round!!

I’ve always loved bunting, it’s just so bright and happy. There is something very joyous and fun about it isn’t there?  But dare I say it,  *whispers quietly* just lately, I think it has become a bit  *done*. Everybody has their own unique way of making it and all the high street shops seem to be selling it this year. So I had this thought, what if you could have something just as whimsical and fun, using cute fabrics…just different?


And I came up with this, it’s a fabric *paper* chain. Really easy to make (easier than bunting I think) and it has a lovely homespun rustic feel. I used fabric scraps from quilting projects for this, but you could use anything. I think it would be really special if you used your children’s out grown favourite dresses or shirts as it would then be something of a family heir loom. And being as its all loops together, it’s kind of symbolic of  family too…but I am an old romantic!

Whatever scraps or shiny new fabric you use I think it would look great.  Hung over a fireplace, adorning a favourite  kitchen dresser or a surrounding a child’s bed. Just, shabby chic perfect! And no sewing machine necessary. Gotta love that!

You will need

  • Sharp scissors
  • A selection of different pattered materials, all cut into oblongs about 6 inch by 3 inch

(this does not have to be exact, it just depends how big you want the loops in your chain to be )

  • A sheet of BondaWeb (like big sheets of wonderweb, John Lewis or Ebay always has it )

So , start with one piece of fabric and iron down a thin hem (strip)  on each side like this…


Then place a piece of cut bondaweb in the centre, as long as the fabric and wide enough to just overlap each folded side. Iron down, peel back the paper and then sandwich the two sides together,


and iron down, You should now have a neat strip of fabric like this….


Now you just have to put a little square of bondaweb on one end to act like a the glue to make the loop. and iron that down in the same way as before.

Once you have made one loop you just repeat the process, always remembering to attach  one loop to the next, until you have your desired length. I made one long piece and doubled it over for a chunky effect. Easy and fun!