Now Concentrate!

This is a Sponsored post, but all written represents what I truly believe in!

I have to say, I am so excited about this “campaign” that I don’t know where to start – normally the words flow melodiously and I barely have to think about what order to put things in… shall we talk monsters first? Or do talk drinks? Or what about the environment.. argh.

I think monsters! Robinsons is launching a brand new “Double Concentrate” squash this month.. as part of that they are also launching a fabulous fabulous MONSTER challenge! I am telling you this challenge is RIGHT UP MY street! You know me and making stuff out of anything? Remember our Deodorant Penguins? Or our Loo Roll Pirates?  Our Walnut Boats or our Robots? What these crafts have in common, is the use of recycled materials or “ordinary every day objects”… And this is exactly what the Monster challenge is about.

Headed up by Laura Hamilton children around the country are encouraged to Get Crafty and make a Monster out of the Robinsons Double Concentrate bottles… then load them up to in order to get the chance to win a fabulous monster craft kit! Get those crafty juices going… competition opens on the 11th April 2011 and closes on the 3rd of June. So, come on, I challenge you to have a go.

Robinsons kindly send us the craft pack that you can win – and I am telling you it is a FABULOUS pack! Red Ted’s eyes just went wider and wider as we unpacked! Thank you!

Get some paint, mix with PVA and Get Crafty

And I LOVE Laura’s creations!


And my favourite:

Aren’t they cool? Something for the Easter Holidays maybe? Get boys and girls excited!

I am going to try and get my neighbour’s boys to take part!

Ok… not that I have to… but I just wanted to add a quick twopence worth on the Double Concentrate – I think is fabulous that Robinsons have brought out this product: you need less concentrate to make the same amount of squash – resulting in less packaging and less waste. So not only do you get make monsters out of the bottles, but you are actually helping the environment!

Then think summer.. and think kids… they need to keep nicely hydrated, so a glass of squask will do just the trick.

Hooray all round!