How to … make Bunny Egg Cosies

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I have a thing about Egg Cosies.. don’t ask me what it is, but I adore them!!! Everytime I see them somewhere or “another”, I am like “oooh, I want”. So, I finally got round to making some for us and of course for Red Ted Art. These are super cute and super easy… and I love them, as they remind me of our Christmas Ornaments (the same technique).

It was only after I made them and sized them all up etc and went to take a photo of the two finished bunnies, that I realised I used a “small egg” in order to do my measurements. Doh! The good thing about felt though, is that it does stretch and reshape if you pull it a little. So that is fine. I have adjusted the “pattern” to fit medium eggs… but I do suggest you make one – “test” it on one of YOUR eggs before you make more.. you never know!

Per Bunny: 1/2 of a “standard square” of felt, contrasting felt for ears, embroidery thread for stitching and additional thread for eyes and nose

I used brown & light pink, with blue eyes and grey, with a rose coloured thread and blue eyes. Am thinking of making a black bunny too.

Here is the “pattern” – I am not sure how it prints out (sorry) – so check the dimension are right, I had a techie fail moment this week 🙁

1) Cut out all your parts – two for front and back, 4 parts for the main but of the ear and 2 parts for the inside of the ear

Blanket Stitch

2) Sew the ears first: I stitched on the contrasting inner ear with three small stitches. Then worked the blanket stitch all around. Once I had finished the ear, I “pinched it” and sewed in a fold.

3) Take the front and back and start stitching. When you get to what “roughly looks the top, add in the ear. I sewed it in quite tightly and it isn’t quite as neat as I hope, but I think it is fine… add 2-4 more blanket stitches and then add the 2nd ear! Finish rest of bunny.

4) Using your egg to double check – mark out a spot for nose and eyes and add a few stitches for these. I did light pink for the nose and a cross stitch in blue for each eye. I also did a cross stitch in the back as a tail. I think it may be easier to add these stitches first, but I wanted to get the positioning right. So it is your call!


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