How to Make Homemade Snow Recipe (Just 2 ingredients made in minutes)

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Learn how to make fake snow with us today! We have our one main and favourite homemade snow recipe (only needs 2 ingredients and can be made in minutes), but also share a further 5 popular fake snow recipes with you today – so you can work with what you have at home and make your very own Homemade Snow for sensory play or decor today!

How to make homemade snow recipe - this is the EASIEST and QUICKEST fake snow recipe I have seen to date. Perfect for sensory bins and sensory trays for toddlers and preschool. When it is too cold to go out side, bring winter indoors. Winter Activities for Preschool. #snow #howtomakesnow #indoorsnowactivities #snowday #snowrecipe #diysnow #preschool #winter
You only need a couple of simple ingredients to make your own snow for lovely sensory play all year round

The kiddos have been DYING To have a go at how to make homemade snow!! I didn’t realise QUITE how easy it is to use this DIY Snow Recipe. Homemade snow is GREAT as a winter sensory bin activities.. and you only need TWO ingredients to make this fake indoor snow. It is super soft to play with. The kids will absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this and so much better than cold and freezing real snow that quickly melts or goes mushy.

This snow recipe is often referred to as CLEAN MUD too and it smells so good! Oh you just have to make this and dive right in! It is a wonderful Winter Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers!

This Winter Toddler Play Post and DIY Snow Recipe is a collaboration with the wonderful Purple Alphabet – a fantastic early learning resource on YouTube that you simply have to check out!

Let’s learn how to make fake snow!

This fake snow DIY is a GREAT activity for those cold winter days – when it is actually TOO cold to go out side for long and yet the kids are desperate to play with snow. This homemade snow recipe is wonderfully tactile, super soft and above all NOT COLD!! The perfect snow day activity for preschoolers and toddlers.

Sensory play ideas for your fake snow dough:

Once you have made your own fake snow, it is time to play play play and have lots of fun!

  1. Create a Winter Wonderland – a bit like this Winter Small World Tray we created.
  2. Get some plastic trucks and get the kids digging away in the snow. (Here is a super cute small set of digger toys
  3. Or why not add some arctic animals? A wonderful to explore and play with this wonderful DIY Snow. (We ADORE the arctic and penguin TOOB sets you can get – such beautiful quality hand painted toys)
  4. You can also use this fake snow as a sensory writing tray – S is for…. SNOW!!!
  5. Letter search – add some alphabet letters (we have a set of fabulous Alphabet fridge magnets) and have a game of find the letter and spell a high frequency word.

How do you make snow with two ingredients?

Oh yes… you really only need two ingredients for this fake snow recipe.. it is so quick and easy to make!

How to make Homemade Snow Recipe:

And here to the recipe… all you need is:

  • 1/2 bottle of white hair conditioner
  • & 3 cups Baking Soda (I buy mine online in bulk!)

…as mentioned this is a fantastic quick and easy DIY Snow Recipe shared with you from the Purple Alphabet – if you like the video, do hop over to YouTube and subscribe to her channel. I know she would be chuffed to bits!!

And now for the moment you have been waiting for…. the only TWO INGREDIENTS you will need for this DIY FAKE SNOW RECIPE!!!

How to make your fake snow for sensory play indoors:

It is really simple:

Put your baking soda into a tub and then add the conditioner on top. Maybe add a little less conditioner to begin with, and add a little more if you wish.

First stir your snow ingredients together with a spoon. As it starts clumping, start mixing it up with your hands.

It is sooooo super soft and so so so lovely to play with!

How can I make fake snow without conditioner (ie plastic waste!)?

There are a number great other homemade snow recipes out there. Another popular combination for DIY snow is:

  • Cornflour or cornstarch
  • Baking Soda
  • Water

Cornflour and water make the ueber popular primary school science experiment known as Oobleck (check out Science Sparks for the clever bit). It is so fun to play with and it constantly moves from solid to liquid form. Did you know by adding a tablespoon of baking soda, it turns into the more crumbly snow texture! You will need EQUAL amounts of Cornflour and Baking Soda, adding water as you go!

Can you make snow dough with shaving foam?

Yes! Another fun alternative to using hair conditioner in your snow dough recipe is using shaving foam or shaving cream! Yes it is that simple to switch out the ingredients. You will get a slightly different consistency with a fluffier snow. As before, add all your ingredients into a bowl and give the mixture a good mix. Then ready to play!

How do you make snow with baking soda and salt?

This recipe reminds me of our popular SALT DOUGH.. but it is more of a Snow Dough.. get it.. ha. Ok, I am silly. Moving siftly on.

Another popular fake snow recipe consists of:

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap – see if you can find clear dish soap or blue one

Mix baking soda and salt together and then carefully add the dish soap and mix it all to play and shape!

Can you make homemade snow dough with flour and oil? How do you make edible snow dough?

YES! Combining normal flour with oil works really well. I don’t like it as much as the baking soda, as there is a real softness to that, however, using normal flour and oil is a REALLY cheap alternative. You can always add some eco friendly glitter to make this extra cool. Roughly 3-4 cups of flour to your 1 cup of oil works. Just add the oil gradually and add less if you need! If you want to soften it more, you can use corn flour instead, but again, that is more expensive!

This fake snow recipe is probably the taste safest of all the recipes (who wants to eat conditioner or salt.. gross). So if you have a child that can’t resist tasting things, flour and oil is your best bet!

How do you make snow with baking soda and water?

I haven’t managed to create a good recipe for a water and baking soda recipe yet.. but will keep trying and let you know!

How long does snow dough last?

It depends a little on how much you play with it (and how dirty it gets… aka germs get into your dough), but kept in air tight container, I would say, easily a week!

How do you make white cloud dough?

The colour of your cloud dough/ snow dough is determined by your ingredients. The whitest snow we have managed to make is the baking soda and conditioner snow showed in the video here! When making the “cheaper” flour version, it is often off white, as flour isn’t 100% white.

In the meantime.. enjoy you fun indoor Winter sensory activity!

How to make homemade snow recipe - this is the EASIEST and QUICKEST fake snow recipe I have seen to date. Perfect for sensory bins and sensory trays for toddlers and preschool. When it is too cold to go out side, bring winter indoors. Winter Activities for Preschool. #snow #howtomakesnow #indoorsnowactivities #snowday #snowrecipe #diysnow #preschool #winter

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