Easy Winter Crafts for Preschoolers


Earlier this week, I shared with you our collection of Easy Winter Crafts for Kids. I realised that we had quite a big “sub section” of Easy Winter Crafts for Preschoolers. As this website is PACKED full fun crafts (I am not just saying it, it really is), it is super easy to LOSE information. So I thought it would be helpful, if separated out the Preschool Winter Crafts section and make it easier for you to find (and bookmark and revisit) these fun winter craft ideas for little ones. So if you have seen it before… sorry. If you have not seen it before HOORAY. This is why I decided to reshare it!!!

Winter Crafts for Preschoolers. Brrrr, baby it is cold out there. Let's huddle indoors and enjoy some lovely WINTER Crafts for 2 and 3yrs olds as well as preschoolers! #winter #wintercrafts #preschool #wintercraftsforpreschool #toddlers #snowday #snowdayactivities

Winter Craft Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

So. Back to the task in hand:

Aaaah the preschoolers, our wee little ones that LOVE to craft. Here is a very special Winter Crafts for Kids section dedicated just to the little ones among us. As mentioned before, Preschoolers come with BAGS of enthusiasm, but don’t always have the fine motor skills to go with it.

So we need simpler, but still cute and fun projects for our little cherubs.

Winter Crafts for Preschoolers are great for

  • finger strength development and
  • fine motor skills, as well as
  • learning about processes and materials.

Many of these crafts are also wonderfully tactile, making it a great winter sensory experience. (Depending on the time of year you are reading this, you may also like our Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers!). I do hope you love these simple ideas and feel inspired! Though these are mostly designed for young children, older kids can join in too!

Snowflake Crafts for Preschool

  • Oh a chilly snowy day, head indoors and make your own snow, with this quick and Easy DIY Snow Recipe (+ play ideas!) – we love love love this snow recipe. It is super soft and tactile to play with.
  • Snowflake Preschool Craft Coffee Filter Snowflake – childhood classic paper snowflakes that preschoolers will adore making. Watching colour “run” is fascinating and little kids love to snip snip snip and paper – perfect for getting used using a pair of scissors. This classic craft makes of course wonderful decorations for the classroom or at home! And is perfect for those fine motor skills!
  • Button craft stick snowflakes or Popsicle Stick Snowflakes – we save all the buttons from old shirts, they look fabulous as popsicle sticks snowflakes making it a great winter fun activity, as well as a fabulous little fine motor activity!
  • Combine twigs and tissue papers to make these cute Twiggy Snowflakes by Buggy & Buddy

Snowmen for Little Ones

  • Cotton wool pad snowman card – my kids brought this one home from nursery and it was simply the sweetest keepsake! Such a cute craft.. assemble your bits and bobs, flat cotton balls, googly eyes, markers… add some glue and hey presto you have yourself the cutest little snowman art project!
  • TP Roll Snowman Bowling – we loved how “upcycled” this project is. Old socks make great hats and scarves and tp tolls are wonderful snowmen. Make and play!
  • One little project, that I think you will love is this snowman Luminary DIY! Just gorgeous – by Happy Hooligans! The kids will LOVE making this craft project this winter! I love that you can use real live candles with this craft (if you wish! Or just use a battery operated candle instead). They will certainly brighten up any kids craft room!
  • Make Your Own Snowman Snap Game for school fairs or the classroom

Winter Animal Crafts for Toddlers

The focus of my preschool winter animals are some snowy owls and penguins, as well as couple of super duper cute polar bear crafts. Once again, I have “failed” you on the arctic fox.. but take a look at these “normal” fox crafts to see if you can adapt any!

  • Snowy Owl Winter Craft (and story book) – an amazingly tactile craft – you will love the contrasting textures of the cotton wool and pine cones!
  • Young kids love handprint crafts. It is such a cute keepsake to make and we have a whole Animal ABC to explore. Here is a Penguin Handprint Craft – an oldie but goldie – we made this handprint penguins as part of an animal ABC handprint set. So fun.
  • Pine Cone Bird Feeders – more fun with pine cones but this time to help out our feathered friends during the winter months.
  • One little project the kids will adore, is this Toilet Paper Rolls Polar Bear Craft – so such a cute and fun winter craft to make from cardboard tubes! From Crafts by Amanda
  • Polar Bear Paper Plate Mask by I Heart Crafty Things here
  • Or how about some WInter Hats and mitten crafts? You can grab some free printable templates (there are a variety to choose from) and colour to your heart’s content.. or add some stickers and other lovely features. Visit here for info. We will be sure to add this winter hat craft to our to do list this January!

Some quick Snow globes that kids of all ages will enjoy

I never know – is it snow globes or is it snowglobes? Argh! Well, I have a whole post dedicated to the joy that DIY Snowglobe Crafts bring.. but have highlighted three fabulous ones for preschoolers and toddlers today:

  • DIY Puffy Paint Snow globe cards – puffy paint is so fun for little children to work with and these snow globe cards are delightful and a lovely keepsake
  • A nice easy (and safe) alternative to the Mason Jar Snowglobes is this fabulous pastic cup version. Learn how to make plastic cup Snow Globe Ornaments with The Scrap Shoppe Blog! So cute. These would look fabulous with children’s photographs in them too! They are also a bit more eco friendly, as you can easily avoid all the glitter and add some paper confetti instead!
  • Or why not create these photo snowglobe art projects? Combine a photo, construction paper and plastic paper plate to make this lovely photo keepsake! SO fun!

Paper plate winter crafts for 2 and 3yrs olds

We already shared an adorable paper plate polar bear mask above… but you may also like:

  • This fun paper plate snowman mask from Meaningful Mama
  • A fabulous paper plate snowflake combining the ever favourite coffee filter art and paper plate art into one from Fantastic Fun Learning – I love that the colourful coffee filters are glued to the back of the paper plate to create this arty canvas.
  • Make a paper plate melting snowman craft inspired by this cutie from Messy Little Monsters!

Paper Plate Winter Wreath Craft for Young children

  • Glitter on a Dime makes use of pens, stickers and a paper plate for this pretty winter wreath!
  • Grab another paper plate, some construction paper in lots of fun colours and have a go at this paper Mitten Wreath from Kid Fun Ideas here.
  • Finally, if your kids are a little more advances… they may want to give our pom pom penguins and yarn wrapped wreath ago. SO CUTE! Always good to have a couple of crafts lined up that stretch their skills!

General Winter Themed Ideas

  • Have fun with this DIY Snow Recipe. So **cool**. It is one of the most popular winter crafts for little ones on this site. So do give it a go too.
  • Ice Ornaments – love how these LOOK adorable but are also a great basic science activity for kids – you are looking at the weather and temperatures and how the affect water! This is a great alternative to anyone looking for icicles DIY ideas!
  • Winter Tree Art – Resist art projects are great for little ones, as there is “little skill” but lots of pleasure. I say “little skill”… but it gives them an easy opportunity to hone their fine motor skills! Always a lovey winter art project that you simply have to give a go. It is a simple craft but oh so lovely. And removing the tape is always a bit like magic!
  • Winter Small World Play
  • Cotton Ball Snowman

Frequently asked questions:

What can I do with my toddler on a winter day?

Hopefully some of the crafts shared here today, will help you keep your toddler or 2 year old busy in the winter! There are lots of crafts for them to have a go at! I particularly like the homemade snow recipe and the winter small world play.

Why are crafts important for a toddler?

There are lots of reason as to why crafts are important for a toddler or preschooler – the educational benefits are all around fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. As well as exploring textures and materials. Personally, however, I like the quality time that a toddler gets to spend with their carer that makes crafting with young children really speacial.

Remember we also have a HOLE BUNCH of Easy Snowman Crafts and Snowflake DIYs for you to browse. And if you are brave enough to head outdoors, we have some brrrriiilliant Snow & Ice Activities too!

I hope you are excited about the Winter months ahead of us and that you will have lots of fun with out Winter Crafts for Preschoolers – working with this age group really is DELIGHTFUL even if a little challenging! But enjoy it regardless!

More gorgeous Snowman Crafts that you may love:

Easy Snowman Crafts - collage of great snowmen activities for kids
Winter Crafts for Preschoolers. Brrrr, baby it is cold out there. Let's huddle indoors and enjoy some lovely WINTER Crafts for 2 and 3yrs olds as well as preschoolers! #winter #wintercrafts #preschool #wintercraftsforpreschool #toddlers #snowday #snowdayactivities