How to.. make Paper Photo Frames

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Paper Frames

Paper craft is back (I told you I still had some up my sleeve! Scroll down for links to other paper craft ideas).

Today I would like to show you how to make super simple photo frames – one frame, 3 different mini variations. They stand up by themselves, or add a magnet and make a fridge frame (a lovely and tidy way to decorate your fridge!!). Your kids can decorate them too -colour or stick stickers or glitter on! I hope that you like them.

This was another one take wonder, so I apologise for a) background garden noise and b) that video ends abruptly!

How to make a paper photo frame (quick and easy)


Once you have mastered the basic Origami Photo Frame.. why not have a go at these:

We do love these cute mini concertina photo albums! Adorable!