Mini Origami Photo Album – Accordion Photo Book

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Our love affair with Paper Crafts, as well as Easy Origami for Kids continues. Yes, paper never ceases to astound me, in it’s versatility! There really are endless paper crafts for kids that you can make! Today, we share a super duper cute Mini Photo Accordion Bookorigami photo album. It is based on a super simple Origami Photo Frame, that we have made a few times here on Red Ted Art, but that has one additional (slightly!) trickier step, in order to turn them into these darling little paper photo albums.

Mini Origami Photo Album - Accordion Photo Book. This is a super easy and fun little paper craft - keep your favourite holiday snaps or photos of your BFFs in this fun and colourful rainbow photo album made entirely from paper. Love origami for beginners! #Photoalbum #DIY #Crafts #Paper #Origami
First published in August 2017

I love that you can make this origami folding photo album out of plain paper, pretty paper, colourful paper.. any which way you want. Make it plain and decorate. Personalise. Turn it into a friendship photo album or a mother’s day photo album. The handy little size, makes it perfect for fitting in a handbag or purse. Oh how cute these mini photo books are!

Mini Paper Photo Books – Materials

  • Per accordion page you need 2 square pieces  of paper – we used origami paper which is approximately 15x15cm wide. But you can also cut down A4 paper and create 2 square piece per sheet. These Mini Accordion Photo Albums and be as LONG as you wish. We chose six pages. So used 6 rainbow coloured origami sheets.
  • You **may** choose to use a little pritt stick.
  • Ribbon for tying (optional)

How to make a DIY Origami Photo Album

As with most origami for kids, I do find it easier to share the origami how to in video format! I hope you agree and that you find the following video tutorial useful!

This is a video tutorial only – if you are interested in step by step photo instructions, please leave me a comment below!

What do you think? Aren’t these paper photo albums simply the cutest? I love how fun they are to make. They would be a great little origami summer project – create a mini photo album with your favourite summer snaps. Or maybe make a cute mini accordion photo album with photos of your best friends? Suitable for mother’s day too! I think these mini paper photo albums are super cute and fun to make.

Either secure with a ribbon

Or tuck the ends in as shown in the video!! Happy Paper Photo Book making!

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