How to… make Tea Cup Candles (Guest Post)

I am so pleased that Jen from over at Mum In The Madhouse has agreed to do this wonderfully lovely Guest Post for us. I know that some of you may already have seen “How To” make these gorgeous little tea cup candle gifts over at Jen’s, but I am certain that many of you have not! You must go and visit Jen and her fabulous blog – for more craftiness, for her etsy shop and lots of tip top tips on family life. What I REALLY like about these candles, is that Jen found some Eco wax, which is easily removed once you have finsihed with the candle, leaving you with a pretty cup and saucer – now my Stepmother used to collect these, which makes me feel that these are a “Two in One” gift. They also embrace the love of reusing – search your thrift stores and charity shops for your cups and make this a truly economical and environmentally friendly gift! Jen makes it sound ever so straightforward!

Enough from me, over to Jen.

Tea cup candles are a fantastic gift and really easy to make with Eco Sox Wax.  If you are anything like me that I love looking through charity shops and collecting pretty tea cups, saucers and tea plates.

Eco Soy Wax is wonderful, not only is it environmentally friendly made from 100% soy beans, it is clean burning and melts at a lower temperature, making it super easy and perfect for the craft enthusiast or first timers.

What you need:

  • Tea cups of other containers
  • Wicks (I used premade voltive ones)
  • EcoSoy Container Wax
  • Scented Oils
  • A microwaveable jug

You started by washing the cups in hot water and drying them thoroughly (actually I popped them in the dishwasher),  then melt a small amount of wax in your hand and pop a tiny amount on the bottom of the pre waxed wick and placed them in the centre of the tea cups.

Then melt the wax (1.5:1 in dried wax) in the microwave just until it all turns liquid and add 10% of the volume of fragrance to it.

Then pour the wax into the cups and allowed to set.

It is as easy as making a cup of tea.  But the most wonderful art of this is that Eco-Soy wax is washable with soap and water, so you can wash the tea cups out and reuse them.  Any spills you make will also wipe away really easily.

Maggy says: And here is on I found on Etsy all lit up:

Photo from  Ruth at Twilight Spells