Insect Headband Craft & Coloring Pages

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We love a headband craft! Today, I share a setof 8 Insect Headband Templates. Choose from 8 different bugs to make these cute Bug Paper Crowns from. As always, these double up as fabulous insect coloring pages to keep small hands busy, excited and engaged!

Insect Headband Crafts x 8

Why make Insect Paper Crowns?

Fine motor skills

There are so many reasons for making these lovely insect headband templates. For starters they are great for fine motor skills used when both coloring in your individual insects, as well as when practicing your cutting skills. Of course, adults can help with the cutting if needed.

Learn and identify insects and bugs

As this is a “set” of bug templates, you can use these with your young students to help learn identify different bugs! The sets inculde all you need from Insect headband craft ideas:

  1. Bee or Bumble Bee Headband Craft (this is a lovely chubby bee, so works as both a regular bee or a bumble bee!)
  2. Butterfly Headband Craft
  3. Ant Headband Craft
  4. Grasshopper Headband Craft
  5. Caterpillar Headband Craft
  6. Ladybug Headband Craft (or ladybird depending on which side of the pond you live on!)
  7. Dragonfly Headband Craft and
  8. Snail Headband Craft!

Great for songs, story time or short preschool plays

Finally, these Insect Paper Crowns are a great addition to any other related actvity you are doing. For example if doing a the “ants come marching song”, you may like to get your preschoolers to make the Ant Paper Crown. Similarly, if reading the story of the lazy grasshopper, you may wish to make the grasshopper crown or if reading the Hungry Caterpillar, you may wish to make a Caterpillar Headband! You catch my drift!

I love these paper crown templates, as they are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners who feel a little awkward about dressing up or face paints. As they can join in, in a relatively simple and non threatening manner!

Lots of great reasons to make our Insect Headband Templates today! This really is an easy headband craft to make!

So what is in our Bug Paper Craft Printable Set?

I listed all the insects in this set of 8 printables already, but want to also show an image of them, so you can see all the details of this insect headband printable.. and how very cute they are to make!! So… we have:

  • Ant Headband
  • Butterfly Headband
  • Caterpillar Headband
  • Dragonfly headband and…

  • Bee/ bumble bee headband craft
  • Grasshopper headband
  • Ladybug headband
  • Snail Headband

Supplies needed to make your Insect Headband Craft

  • Printer paper or light cardstock (ideally that can go in the printer)
  • Your Insect Headband Templates (see below)
  • Crayons, coloring pencils, watercolors etc
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick

Grab you 8 Insect headband craft pdf in my gumroad store. As per usual, I offer one as a freebie (I try and create as many free elements as possible). This time we have the Dragonfly Headband Freebie! Simply enter $0 at check out. Alternatively, you can grab the full Set of 8 Bug Headband Coloring Pages (your support is always appreciated!!) or if you prefer and have an account, you can also get the full set via my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. In the teachers pay teachers store you can get them individiually too!

full set of printables

How do you make bug headbands?

Making these bugs is super easy. Simply grab Bug Headband Templates and print out your insect of choice! Will you be making a ladybug headband or bumble bee headband?! I rather like the snail paper crown. Light cardstock is really great for printing on!

Take your time coloring in your headband printables! You can use crayons, pens, markers – waterever you wish. We love experimenting with watercolors too. Though you will need to factor in some drying time and maybe “flatten” your paper again afterwards!

Once ready, carefully cut out your to headband shapes – you will have one band with your insect on it – be it the ladybug, bee, grasshopper etc – careful when cutting out the antenna! And a second piece which is just a rectangular strip. If need be the preschooler can try cutting the rectangular strip and an adult can assist with the insect shapes, especially around the antenna or any other sticking out bits.

Now glue the second strip of the paper crown to one end of the insect strip. Measure the child’s head and secure on the other side with a little glue.

We find these paper crowns fit most preschoolers and kindergartners, maybe even year 1. But you MAY wish to insert an additional piece of paper to the side, if your kids’ head is a little bigger! We found this to be a better option and creating a third strip of paper – as this third strip is often NOT needed and children get bored coloring in this extra piece, that then often isn’t needed!


I hope you have lots of fun with this Insect headband craft printable!

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Happy Making!

8 insect headband crafts