Fantastic Mr Fox Mask for World Book Day

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So here we are – once again, with a guest post over on Party Delights! This week, we made a Fantastic Mr Fox Mask – perfect for all Roald Dahl fans, planning crafts and activities for World Book Day.

We love dressing up a the Fantastic Mr Fox, as the kids can wear “normal clothes” (or “handsome clothes”, as the Fantastic Mr Fox does like to dress  smartly) and then just add the mask as a finish touch. Perfect for those dress up shy kids on World Book Day!! These masks were made from cereal boxes (everyone, has one, right?!) and would also be great for Mardi Gras or any other Fancy Dress occassion! Hope you like it too! If you are looking for some more Autumn Crafts for Kids, look no further! We also have a great set of No Sew Costumes for you to take a peak at!

Make a Fantastic Mr Fox Mask
First published in Feb 2015 and updated for your convenience! Originally shared on Party Delighs.

You can make it from something as simple as an empty cereal box, and we’ve even created a printable stencil to help make your life easier. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need

  • An empty cereal box (at least A4 in size)
  • Our printable Fantastic Mr Fox stencils
  • Red, yellow, white and black paint
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A piece of string or elastic big enough to hold the mask in place

This is a free fox pattern – simply enter $0 at check out! Or leave a small tip if you wish!

How to make your Fox mask

Cut out your mask pieces

Print your stencils and trace them onto the plain side of your cereal box. Cut them out neatly.

cut out the basic shapes

Carefully make a hole on each side the round piece of your mask template and tape your elastic or string in place.

Fold your fox’s nose

Look at the nose of your mask and fold the card along the dotted lines, as shown below.

To finish off the nose, cut the two black slits you can see on your template, and fold the card into place. It should now look like this:

Fold the nose

Assemble the fox mask

Now it’s time to glue your mask into place. You need to glue down the folded sections of the nose that you made in Step 3, and attach the round piece of cardboard to the back of the piece that has the nose, ears and whiskers, as you can see below.

glue onto mask

A hot glue gun is ideal for this job (adults only, obviously), but if you don’t have one, simply use a couple of clothes pegs to hold your mask together while it dries.

Paint your fox mask

With your mask made, it’s now time to get painting! Start by painting some white across the bottom of your fox’s face. Then, mix red and yellow to get a vibrant, foxy orange! We suggest you deliberately didn’t blend the yellow and orange fully, to allow for the odd red and yellow brush strokes. We think this gives your fox mask a little texture!

paint the mask

Once all that’s dry, finish the mask by painting the end of Mr Fox’s nose black.

finished fox mask

When World Book Day arrives, you can simply wear this mask with some smart clothes. If it’s more last-minute DIY ideas you’re after, we’ve got plenty of those too!

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