Jar Lid Medals for Father’s Day

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Time for another wonderful Father’s Day Gift Idea for Kids to make… as our special 31 Days of Dad contines.

I welcome The Blue Barn with this adorable Father’s Day Jar Lid Medal – a super cute Father’s Day Idea for Preschoolers and kids!

Collage of medals for dad. Easy DIY Jar Lid Medals for Father's Day

We think all those dads, granddads, step dads, uncles and anyone acting as a dad in a child’s life deserve some special recognition this fathers day so we were happy to join in with Red Teds fathers day series. These special recognition awards were created from some glass jar lids everyone has some of those lying around right?

Materials to make your Father’s Day Medals with Preschool:

Materials needed to make a father's day medal with preschoolers
  • Air dry clay multiple colors – we love this brand best – US/ UK
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  • Jar lids
  • Colored paper
  • A safety pin or paper clip
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape

How to make Jar Lid Medals for Dad

Step 1

Have your kiddo smoosh the air dry clay into the lid of the jar, smooth it down as much as possible to create a nice flat background to work on.

Child working with air drying clay to make a jar lid medal

Step 2

Taking a different color clay create a pattern or message for your special Dad. Use mini cookie cutters or hand roll the clay to create squiggly writing. Add these other pieces on top of your base layer to create your medallion. We like the Crayola air dry clay because as it dries it becomes very light which is great for these wearable awards.

Making shapes with cookie cutters from air drying clay for a jar lid medal gift for dad
Details for the jar lid medal for dad
Air drying clay father's day medals

Step 3

Cut two strips of stiff colored paper and cut triangles from the bottom of each of them, these are going to be the ribbons on your awards. Flip the jar lid over and glue or tape the ribbons to the back of the lid. 

Cutting the ribbon for the Father's Day Medals made from jar lids
Father's Day gift ideas

Step 4

Using hot glue or tape add a safety pin to the back of the badge so that your special dad can wear their badge with pride.

Gluing the safety pin to your father's day medal

Now all you need to to is award your favorite Dad his badge of honor to wear with pride.

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Happy Fathers Day!

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