Juneteenth Flag Cootie Catcher Facts

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As you know, I love to help you by providing educational resources for homeschool or in the classroom. Wtih Juneteenth coming up, I have created this simple but hopefully fun to make Juneteenth Flag Cootie Catcher! There are two versions – one with a Juneteenth Flag Quiz and Facts and a blank one, for the students to add their own Juneteenth questions or facts. A fun interactive way to learn about Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Flag

I hope you like this Juneteenth Flag Cootie Catcher Quiz I have created. Below I have outlined the quiz questions included, as well as added additional Juneteenth facts that you can add to your own Juneteenth Quiz!

I find that kids LOVE to make cootie catchers – it is a great way to introduce a simple STEAM project to a lesson plan – as children will need to look at basic symmetry and shapes when creating this classic origami project.

learn the juneteenth facts

Supplies needed to make this Juneteenth Flag resource:

  • Printer and printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Pens if writing your own quiz questions

This Cootie Catcher printable is availabel as part of my Teacher Resources on Teacher’s Pay Teachers! This small fee helps with the upkeep and running of this blog and website, along all the free resources provided here! Thank you so much for supporting my work!

How to assemble a Cootie Catcher

Juneteenth Flag

Here are our generic instructions for how to make a Cootie Catcher (a version of this included as a “one pager” in your printable download), you will need to cut out your printable, so that you end up with a square piece of paper.

Start with your printable facing down.

How to make a Cootie Catcher Step by Step Instructions - Learn how to make a Fortune Teller and how to play with them!! Easy Origami for Kids #cootiecatcher #fortuneteller #chatterbox #origami #forkids #papercrafts #paper

Begin by folding the paper across the diagnoal in both directions – so you get a cross shape (bottom left photo)

Bring each corner towards the middle/ inside and make a neat fold (picture 4 shows the first fold).

How to make a Cootie Catcher Step by Step Instructions - Learn how to make a Fortune Teller and how to play with them!! Easy Origami for Kids #cootiecatcher #fortuneteller #chatterbox #origami #forkids #papercrafts #paper

Once you have all four folds (top right) – use your thumbs to make neat creases. Flip your paper over.

You will see another “cross” running across you paper.

Again, bring each corner in and fold towards the middle (as per bottom right photo).

How to make a Cootie Catcher Step by Step Instructions - Learn how to make a Fortune Teller and how to play with them!! Easy Origami for Kids #cootiecatcher #fortuneteller #chatterbox #origami #forkids #papercrafts #paper

Once you have all for folds, fold in half (as per top right), open and fold in half again in the other direction. Just to create some creases.

Now comes the “only” tricky bit.. you need to squeeze all four sides in towards each other as per the bottom left images.

Then lift each outside flap to make your Cootie Catcher! ENJOY!!!

Juneteenth Facts and Quiz

8 of these questions are included in the Juneteenth Flag Cootie Catcher. But have added additional information so you can use this in your lesson plans, as well as the “write your own” facts and quiz cootie catcher version of this craft!

Why are Juenteenth flag colors red, white and blue?

To show that the formerly enslaved and their descendants are free Americans too.

What does the Arc represent?

A new horizon – promising future for Black Americans.

What does the Star represent?

A nod to the Lone Star State, Texas, but also the freedom of every Black American in all 50 States

What does the Burst represent?

Represents a nova (new star) – a new beginning for all.

Where was Juneteenth first celebrated?


When was Juneteenth first celebrated?

June 19th, 1865

What is the red, geen and black flag?

The black Pan-African Flag representing all Africans worldwide. The colors are also regarded as a symbol of Black freedom.

What does Juneteenth celebrate?

The day news of emancipation reached the people of Galveston, Texas

When was the Emancipation Proclamation signed?

January 1, 1863

Which president signed the Emancipation Proclamation?

Abraham Lincoln

What is Juneteenth also called?

Freedom Day or Emancipation Day

When was Juneteenth declared a federal holiday?

On June 15, 2021 – after the nationwaide Black Lives Matter protest sparked by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in 2020.

Learn more about Juneteenth here.

We also have a set of 3 Juneteenth Coloring Pages for you to take a look at (free download):


More Juneteenth resources heading your way!

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